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This is the sixth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Sishi. This symbol represents wise people with great adaptability and physical appearance. It also represents people who are intelligent, wise, and enigmatic. The snake years for the 100 years period are 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025. In this period, the snakes are seen to come out of their caves more readily (this means that the snakes come out to the sun readily as the morning sun warms the ground). The snake zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 9am to 11am.



Snake Horoscope 2023 brings a lot of life changes for representatives of the sign. Luckily, all changes will be for the better, and you will finally see that all that hard labor pays off. Meeting new people will lead to new opportunities, and generally speaking, an auspicious year is ahead of Snakes.

People born in the Year of Snake will finally get to understand the direction they are taking and will discover new things that make them happy and improve their quality of life. However, horoscope predictions for 2023 say that it is up to them to make that change for the better. Only you can change your life. You have the key to your destiny, so don't be afraid to make some decisions that will be beneficial for you.
You might come across new and exciting things and dare to explore them to the fullest. In 2023, nothing will be holding you back because you will be determined to finally make some changes - this will surprise and impress many from your surroundings.

Love - Romantic

Sensible representatives of the Snake sign will be in a full romantic mood during spring. According to the love horoscope 2023 for Snake, this is the perfect time for finding a significant other or working on improving already existing relationships. Those who've been in a happy union for a while might start thinking more seriously about marriage, offspring, or starting their life away from family members. During the reign of the Rabbit, important steps shouldn't be postponed since there's no need to wait for better timing. During the summer, Snakes will be in need of proper rest and relaxation. Those who are single shouldn't have high hopes for finding the love of their life this summer; only short romances and flirtations are in sight. Those who are happily married will manage to overcome their disagreements and enjoy a summer full of passion and shared moments.

The end of summer comes with some troubles. Around late August and the beginning of September, some Snakes might get into conflicts with family members, which will affect more people. Others could unexpectedly encounter a former partner and start thinking about renewing the relationship. Although all events should end favorably for the Snakes, it is advised to keep feelings under control. From mid-October, all obstacles will be removed from the love life of Snakes, and they can expect to enjoy a harmonious period. Single people will definitely have a romance or at least a few exciting acquaintances to keep their minds occupied. The family horoscope 2023 for Snake suggests that those who were disappointed in love shouldn't fall into despair - the Year of Rabbit will provide them a chance for a stronger union than the previous one.

Finance - Money

From a financial point of view, the Year of Rabbit looks very promising for Snakes. However, according to the money horoscope for Snake, an income boost will not come through a pay rise but as a result of side investments or different monetary transactions. Those Snakes who are prudent and pay attention to details will have an opportunity to consider profitable deals and projects, as well as to stay away from suspicious ones. During the spring months, there will be a higher risk of irrational spending, which is why the 2023 horoscope for Snake recommends postponing any major purchases. Summer is a suitable time to splurge a bit, especially if it is on something related to relaxation and pampering. Snakes can expect many opportunities to treat themselves and their close ones nicely and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

Career - Work

When it comes to career, not much is going to change for Snakes in 2023. According to the Snake horoscope in the Year of the Rabbit, representatives of the sign should strive to work on improving their qualifications instead of chasing a new position or higher income. Working overtime or studying in parallel is also possible. A career boost might come through participation in NGOs or public projects. Additionally, many Snakes could find new potential clients, opportunities, or even partners through a social circle that is not connected to their workplace. For many Snakes, this will broaden their horizons and serve as a motivation to keep working and improving. The 2023 job horoscope suggests that entrepreneurial Snakes should work more on increasing their brand awareness.


From the start of 2023, Snake horoscope suggests that sign representatives should take special care of their mental health. Wards of the sign will be exceptionally exhausted from work, which is why they have to find a way to unwind before they experience burnout or a stress episode. Spring months will be calm, but some minor issues such as colds, headaches, or hypertension are possible. It is advised to avoid any trips that include significant changes of temperature or atmospheric pressure before summer. According to the Snake horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit, those suffering from chronic illnesses should get a check-up and work on prevention. During the holidays, worrying and physical activity should be avoided - Snakes should focus on yoga, meditation, and spending more time in nature.

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