Chinese Horoscope For Sign Snake



This is the sixth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Sishi. This symbol represents wise people with great adaptability and physical appearance. It also represents people who are intelligent, wise, and enigmatic. The snake years for the 100 years period are 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025. In this period, the snakes are seen to come out of their caves more readily (this means that the snakes come out to the sun readily as the morning sun warms the ground). The snake zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 9am to 11am.



In the Chinese New Year 2019, future of Snake natives doesn't seem so bright. There are plenty of bumps and roadblocks on your own path, which will cause hassles on your life. On the livelihood, Chinese Snake might need to combat with it in the office. Those who've been lounging and enjoying the fruits of the goodwill is going to need to awaken and work much harder than ever before. The timing is prophesied to become vile for you at the Year of the Pig 2019. Minimal efforts will not work and there'll be people keeping tabs on your every move, so that you can better make them count till you have time to reevaluate your errors.

Love - Romantic

A period of love expects the always elusive indication of the Serpent, who will recognize that lots of situations the aches of the heart don't own a true sense whenever you have good people from the side. Friends are going to be a constant support team, particularly during the months of February and March, in that time you must change your attitude if you wish to attain your objectives. Those of us who don't own a spouse is going to receive a good deal of business from neighboring men and women, but it's going to be the family that will prevail in every way. Many conflicts of years will soon come to a end and the best time for a rapprochement into the main core will happen between the months of April and May. Those that have a spouse they will be very profited during the months of August and September, since during that date the Pig of Earth will show all its favorable attraction on your sign and will help you to get along better with all the loved one. Gone should be the grudges for gaps or to the mistakes which each has created, all to make way for another session far more favorable from the romane and fire.

Finance - Money

Wealth may be shaky this past year. The Snake ought to be careful as they might be prone to making decisions which may seem good at the moment, but ultimately lead to some reduction in the long run. That is more likely if you are sleep deprived or not in the ideal condition of mind. You must learn to be conservative in regards to where you wish to invest your money. Although your income through profession will probably be stable, you should take caution in regards to external investments. This is a good time to budget and also employ money-saving methods in your ordinary life.

Career - Work

When it will not be a period of several changes at work, it will be a very prosperous year for the indication of the Serpent. The job will be far more enhanced within the period between the months of March to July. Throughout that date, you must benefit from the great aspects that the Land Pig will give to sign a contract, ask a salary increase or progress of position. The months of July and August is going to be handy for business, particularly for those who started at the beginning of 2019. Do not forget that the Land Pig will give you many advantages, that will be far more current and will likely probably be abundant during the months of October and December, time in which you'll be already considering a new personal project that will surely be prosperous in the not too distant future.


Getting enough sleep is important for the indication of the Snake this year. As you are more sensitive to the surroundings and conflicts, you are more prone to bouts of sleeplessness, depression and anxiety. It's important that you don't take your health for granted. Health must be in the forefront of the mind this year. Always make sure you have enough breaks and never work as you're fatigued or exhausted. Indoor activities like yoga, table tennis or Zumba are exceptionally favoured this year. Both your bodily and psychological illness should always be in their fullest before you embark on anything.

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