Chinese Horoscope For Sign Sheep



This is the eighth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. This symbol represents people with artistic nature and care for the world comes under this sign. It also represents people who are gentle, sympathetic and calm. The sheep years for the 100 years period are 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027. In this period, sheep are seen eating and urinating more frequently and the grasses would grow stronger (this is said to be the best time to herd sheep and also the time when the sun has dried the dew on the undergrowth). The sheep zodiac is also connected with Monday and the hours around 1pm to 3pm.



During the year of the earth Dog, your sign of the Sheep is somewhat challenged, due to your tense relationship with the Dog. It's not that you don't want to see eye to eye. You're just a little bigger and bolder than the Dog prefers.

It's a year of having to sometimes make tough compromises, particularly at work, where you may find yourself working with some strange bedfellows. You don't have to shout to get your opinions heard and acted upon. Rather, adopting a more open and collaborative posture gets you through relatively unscathed.

In relationships, you're dropping the need to dominate, and instead, working with your partner to find happiness for all.

In your health and personal lives, you're setting new goals and using your powerful intentions to make them happen. Try not to feel that you're swimming upstream. Setbacks are only temporary, after all. You eventually master them, like anything else.

Love - Romantic

Your sign of the Sheep prefers to lie back a little in relationships, preferring to let others come to them. As a result, the year of the earth Dog may be a quiet one in dating for you, unless you're willing to make a few adjustments.

This is a slower year, with fewer interesting people crossing your path. But the ones who do bring some pretty exciting qualities. The time around April and May can bring someone who surprises you with how easy it is to fall into conversation with them, and how instantly compatible you are. If so, try to strike a balance between shopping for wedding destinations in your head and playing it super cool. Rather, spend some time getting to know each other. Without expectations, it's so much easier to fall into a relaxed groove.

Enjoying your romantic time is also on married and partnered Sheep's minds, as they reconnect around the month of August. You're content to let your partner do the driving now, and may find that allowing rather than pre-determining gives you such a delicious sense of freedom that you want to experience it more often.

If you want to help your single friends find someone, make sure both sides are in on the setup. Springing things on them "for their own good" isn't appreciated. Your intentions are good, but stick to what you know best. By the end of the year, you're both ready to take another step together into the unknown. How exciting!

Finance - Money

Your creative nature is always the first thing you lead with and your money picture is no different. Sheep natives love to find new ways to save and invest their cash. But don't be in such a hurry to double your money that you lose everything to a get rich, quick scheme.

The year of the earth Dog helps you grow your funds slowly and sustainably, in particular around the solar eclipse of August 11. Your best bet is to put some of your disposable income into a safe bet like a savings account or other interest-bearing account, while using only a small portion for your creative experiments. Seeing your money work for you may be all the impetus you need to keep going.

Starting a small sideline business is also great for your sign this year, since you prefer to work on your own. This second income stream grows toward year-end, leaving you with a tidy profit.

Career - Work

Your career life may be the toughest aspect of the year of the earth Dog, Sheep. You're the independent type, and prefer to work alone, if possible. You've learned to trust that you'll get the job done well, and create a favorable impression.

But under the earth Dog energy, you're sometimes forced into working with others you probably would not choose on your own. Persevering doesn't mean bearing down or gritting your teeth, instead, try going with the flow. Seeing what others can bring to the table is a great life lesson. Delegating can also become a wonderful new skill, especially around the solar eclipse of July 12. Remember, everyone wants the same thing" to be appreciated and rewarded for a job well done.

Your personal plans for advancement may have to wait until after the fall months, when you're in a better place to ask for more perks and a better salary. Don't think of it as a punishment, but a new talent to be mastered, and you'll slay with your typical panache.

If you're unemployed and looking for a new position, think about applying for jobs close to your most recent position, but also in related industries. You'll likely land something by summer's end.


For your sign of the Sheep, it may be difficult to balance your health and wellness with your need to climb the career ladder this year.

Self-care becomes really important around the months of May and June when your schedule is crazy and your mood frazzled. Reconnect with your physical self with quiet nature walks, meditation, or getting a massage. Fitness may take a hit around this same time, so try to find balance between stress-reducing activities like working out with your need to be quiet. Sleeping in at least once a week isn't going to kill you, so no guilt, okay? It's a year that rewards work invested over time, so a little each day is perfect.

Establishing a consistent schedule of working out a few times a week will do, too. Things get easier when you allow yourself to be human, with limits. Pushing too hard only results in colds and potential injuries.