Chinese Horoscope For Sign Sheep



This is the eighth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. This symbol represents people with artistic nature and care for the world comes under this sign. It also represents people who are gentle, sympathetic and calm. The sheep years for the 100 years period are 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027. In this period, sheep are seen eating and urinating more frequently and the grasses would grow stronger (this is said to be the best time to herd sheep and also the time when the sun has dried the dew on the undergrowth). The sheep zodiac is also connected with Monday and the hours around 1pm to 3pm.



The first three quarters of 2021 will be a stressful period for most of the ones born under the sign of Sheep. You will be dealing with a lot of problems and complications in many fields of your everyday life. Some of you will have financial problems and some will have to deal with job-related problems. For some of you, the first half of 2021 may seem boring and without any exciting experiences. And, unfortunately, some of you will be dealing with problems in the family. Your friends could help go through this stressful period. But, don't worry, nothing lasts forever. You will be in a much better situation in the last quarter of 2021.

Love - Romantic

Many of you who are born under the sign of Sheep, are enjoying being outside of a relationship. The lack of a love partner is something that you got used to. Change that. Don't be selfish and open yourself to meeting new people because is good to get out of your comfort zone. Put your best clothes on, put on the perfume, and go outside. You will meet someone interesting who is going to make you leave from that routine.
For those Sheep who already have their special someone, the Chinese horoscope is advising that you don't let those small misunderstandings ruin that wonderful relation between you and your partner. Refresh your relationship with good communication.
Going to weddings, parties, etc. is something that can bring you luck during 2021.

Finance - Money

Unfortunately, the predictions are warning most of you Sheep that there are huge chances for a financial loss. You must be extremely careful with making any money-related decisions. Don't spend too much, instead try to save some money, you will need that. Avoid being irrational, and avoid spending money on unnecessary things.
Sheep shouldn't borrow money from anyone in 2021. Keep your eyes wide open and pay attention to potential robberies, frauds, etc. If somebody asks for money from you, you should feel free to say no. Sheep should especially avoid casinos and any other kind of gambling.

Career - Work

Regarding your career field, not too great, not too terrible. All in all your luck in the year of Ox is not too bad, but you will not achieve the huge success you are hoping for. You may experience an increase in your job-related tasks, and your hard work and talent will be recognized, but there are small chances of being rewarded for all that. For some of you, there will be an opportunity to travel.
If you find yourself in a situation where you could use some additional help to finish all of your job-related tasks successfully, feel free to ask for help from your colleagues.


No bigger health issues for all of you born under the sign of Sheep during 2021. You should pay attention to the abdominal area, minor issues may occur there. Headaches and insomnia could happen from time to time, but, if you avoid stressing over your problems, you can avoid these issues too.
Some of you may have some difficulties with the digestive system, and that's why you must pay attention to your nutrition. Eat healthily, drink a lot of water, and do anything that helps you to remove the stress from your body and your mind.

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