Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope


NOV 22 - DEC 21

Sagittarius Profile

Symbol: The Archer
Element: Fire
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Purple
Key Body Part: Hips, Thighs
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Rat
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Cross/Quality: Mutable
House Ruled: Ninth
Opposite Sign: Gemini
Lucky Gem: Topaz

Energetic and inquisitive, the Sagittarius is often commonly referred to as the traveler of the zodiac. The Sagittarius-natives often have a broad-minded, philosophical approach to life that motivates them to wander far and wide while looking for the true meaning of life. Sagittarians are often optimistic, enthusiastic and extroverted; it can be very challenging to keep them down. They love change. In fact, change is essential for this sign to feel their best.

Celebrity Archers: Agnes Moorehead, Katie Holmes, Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, Donny Osmond, Billy Idol, Jim Morrison, Kim Basinger, Samuel L. Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Tyra Banks, Goldie Hawn, Val Kilmer, Anna Nicole Smith, Bette Midler, John F Kennedy Jr., Ben Stiller, Howie Mandel, Nicollette Sheridan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Amy Lee, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Ron White, Terri Hatcher, Tom Wilkenson, Tommy Lee, Felicity Huffman, Brendon Fraser, Starcana, Billy Hufsey, Nostradamus, Ozzie Osborne, Isaiah Washington, Sam Kinison, Joe Nichols.

Best compatible with: Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Libra

Sagittarius Traits

intellectual, communicative, strong headed, honest, fun-loving, determined


irresponsible, restless, careless, flirty, selfish, dominant


danger speed, animals, traveling


being pushed around, deception, responsibility, being insulted


September 2022

You're the shining light at work at the September 13 New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Or you may wish to be. Don't overcommit or make offers that will be too hard to deliver. More authority is looking for you. If you ask for it too often, you could get more than anyone can handle. Indulge a pleasant passion and perhaps step a little out of bounds during the Full Moon on September 27. Your inner child may be hard to suppress, so don't get too wild and crazy. September 30, when the Moon trines Jupiter, is a well-earned calm and pleasant day.

Love - Romantic

For a Sagittarian, love makes life worth living. This month, your sign has a chance to go deeper. On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you're finding perfect balance with one another. Communication is flowing smoothly, and the time you spend together is absolutely magical. However, the 8th and 9th bring a few difficult aspects that could have you questioning whether this is the right relationship. Chalk it up to a misunderstanding and move on, lest you drive a wedge between you. On the 13th, try to make bigger, broader gestures in romance. Find an exciting new restaurant to try, or plan a cozy getaway. This time period highlights long-term planning, so putting some time into intention setting pays off now. Sagittarius singletons find new success around the 23rd, when dates are plentiful and your social calendar begins to fill up. Don't be shy about speaking up if you have something in mind for a date. Your partner may thank you for taking the pressure off. By the 24th and 25th, you may find it tough to get your point across. Never fear. The best course of action is patience and perseverance through any obstacles that come up. You'll both find what you need in time.

Business - Money

In September you benefit from the things that have been going on behind the scenes. You'll find the purposes behind business affairs that you didn't understand at the time. Pay attention now and glean what the real messages behind what people were saying at that time are. From the 2nd to the 4th communication is inspired, but then you are just being you. Skirting around frank answers is not in your playbook. From the 8th to the 11th, every effort is rewarded. Don't be surprised if your expertise proves to be a catalyst to turn a few of your goals around. A tip here, however: stay with what feels right. A few endings mark the beginning of a new cycle. Expect results, even receiving what you need, after you've made changes between the 16th to the 18th. The 19th and 20th are September's lucky days. If job hunting, even though it's a weekend, search for opportunities and put resumes out there. Networking is key starting the 24th through the end of the month. Don't neglect getting in touch with someone from the past (someone on your mind?). October brings the means to see things through concerning business connections and partnerships.

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