Sagittarius Compatibility With Leo


Love 80%
Physical 60%
Communication 75%
General 70%

When Leo and Sagittarius connect together in a love game, the result is often fireworks! Both Signs are really lively and appreciate life to the fullest. This bunch is filled with life and fun to be around, with each person inviting the other to target! Sagittarius's philosophical trend warrants a distraction to Leo's obsession with an epic poem. The two will have genuine respect and esteem to one another. Both are warm, charismatic and charming; folks appreciate being in the energy this bunch radiates.

Both Signs can be impatient but heterosexual, and Leo might be annoyed by Sagittarius's flirting, but there's never a dull moment in their relationship. Sagittarius sees the planet as a textbook they need to study out of, although Leo acts like the huge host. Both are extremely social, but it is vitally important to Leo that they feel that they are in charge of the conversation. Leo is the Lion, the leader, while Sagittarius is the Archer, slowly taking the opportunity to research their target and feel that the principles of difference in his or her strategy. Both Signs are often respected by others, and it's important that each remembers to deal with the other with the utmost esteem also.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Both are manly energy archetypes, and collectively they make a fantastic combination - they know one another because they're so similar. The Sun is all about Self and Jupiter is all about expansion and surplus, together giving a private and outward focus on the planet, although sometimes they could overexert themselves. They are highly compatible with plenty of energy, and can be a wonderful couple in almost any setting or situation.

Both Leo and Sagittarius are all Fire Signs. This tends to be a rather heated and passionate relationship. They both have unlimited energy, and can appear the only ones capable to keep up with one another's intensity. Although Sagittarius might become tired by Leo's expansive self love, their differences of view will not last long - Sagittarius has moved on to the next project and Leo's optimism and need for a fan club conquer a petty argument.

Leo is a Fixed Sign and Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign. Sagittarius provides Leo with the deeper understanding they might be lacking, although Leo can fine-tune Sagittarius's appeal and social graces. Sagittarius may be irritated by Leo's bossiness, shallow dressing and trend to sulk. However, they can be both devoted and loyal to one another, and the rewards of the union outweigh the minor setbacks.

What's the best aspect of the Leo-Sagittarius relationship? It's the willingness to function as a group and the mutual admiration they exhibit if committed to seeing things through. This duo matches one another using a joint focus on private and world events. They both know their place at the relationship. Their similar high electricity and fiery fire makes them a more versatile love game.

We'd think that Leo enjoys to travel just as much as Sagittarius. They have the energy and the necessity to hunt for knowledge and widen their horizons, however they don't exactly like to move that much. This is due to their fixed character, and though they would like to go to any potential part of the world, they wouldn't do it at exactly the same pace as Sagittarius, nor would they choose the exact destinations. Sagittarius, on the other hand, does not really know why Leo wants to perform in front of numerous people when there are hungry children in Africa. All these are simplistic examples, however they serve us pretty well to comprehend how well they might work together, travel together, work together, but only if they're open enough to ad strength and purpose to their own approaches.

Leo and Sagittarius are a very good fiery mixture of signs, and if two people with those Sun signs come together, they inevitably fall into love. This love is warm, passionate and inspirational, and they'll have a opportunity to create, perform and also have fun together for so long as they are feeling that this way. However, Sagittarius partner might drop interest in Leo since they tend to get pushed off by their inactive, fixed nature. The only way that they might get to keep their fire and feelings going, is if they figure out how to follow their softer emotions and remain tender and sensitive to one another.

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