Monthly Gemini Horoscope


MAY 21 - JUN 20

Gemini Profile

Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Green
Key Body Part: Arms, Shoulders, Lungs
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Horse
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Cross/Quality: Mutable
House Ruled: Third
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
Lucky Gem: Agate

The main keyword for thus dual sign is versatility. The Gemini presents themselves in two different types of personality; quick-witted and expressive, and you can never be sure with which one you are going to meet face-to-face. On one hand, the Gemini can be flirtatious, communicative, outgoing and ready for fun, fun, fun. However, when the other twin is present, you can find this air sign serious, restless, contemplative and even indecisive. Both of the twins are capable of adapting to life’s circumstances well, making them excellent people to know. Things are never boring when a Gemini is on the scene.

Celebrity Twins: Lenny Kravitz, Jewell, Elizabeth Hurley, Paul Lynde, Ashley Olsen, Tom Jones, Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West, Marilyn Monroe, Wynonna Judd, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Harp, Stevie Nicks, Donald Trump, Morgan Freeman, Drew Carey, Mary Kate, Suze Orman, Paula Abdul, Kanye West, Michael J Fox, Waylon Jennings, Jeffrey Dahmer, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell , Lionel Richie, Dean Martin.

Best compatible with: Aquarius, Libra

Gemini Traits

adjustable, imaginative, energetic, clever, witty


superficial, indecisive, restless, impulsive


using their imagination, conversations, people with a sense of humor, solving problems


being pinned down, growing old, being bored, people who are set in their ways


August 2021

August 4 turns the energy of the week in your favor as Mercury conjoins Jupiter for big fun and bigger conversations. Comforts and summer fun come to you with the New Moon on August 14. Relatives may insist that you enjoy their company at the beach, barbecue, or other big-time gathering. People want you to have a good time. Make sure you take care of business around the Full Moon of August 29. You may be doing everything right and still find yourself the victim of some misperception or perhaps a co-worker's jealousy or opportunism. Just do the right thing and be clear.

Love - Romantic

Gemini natives have stamina when it comes to love, and will need every ounce of that during the month of August. During the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, your current relationship begins to feel like it has momentum again, after a few months of being stuck. Two other astrological aspects at this time highlight unexpected communication and the expansion of affection. This could mean anything from a proposal or request to deepen your connection, to long talks about what makes you cool and unique together. Either way, what you have is growing by the day. Single Geminis may find they need to be careful around the 12th and 13th, when a new dating partner may be hiding something you need to know. Put off making a decision until you can get some clearer signals from this person. Those currently in relationships can use the energy around the 13th and 14th to set a bold new agenda. Whether you're looking to move in together, get married, or just take intimacy to a new level, it's time to go big or go home. Luckily, your charm is in high gear all month long. By the 29th and 30th, think about how far you've come together, and where things might go from here.

Business - Money

August is time for quiet planning or doing that bit of background work no one sees until you've accomplished your dreams. Successful people believe you can't over-prepare. Beware of the idea that it takes the fun out of things if other people don't know about it. Keep your own secrets, desires, and ambitions until ready to reveal. To help you: on the 3rd a previously elusive piece of information surfaces and reveals a lot, besides providing bonus bargaining chips - an asset for you because you've done your homework. Although your lucky days this month are the 8th and 9th, and on a weekend, it doesn't mean you can't be productive and successful. If job-hunting, opportunities can be searched for and resumes can be sent out. The 13th through 16th are opportune for networking. Try thinking of it as what you can do for someone else, not vice versa. Becoming interested in other people, and with your charm they won't easily forget you. Beginning on the 19th and through early October, touch base with your connections. Don't forget to make good on promises. On the 27tj you begin a very creative period that takes you nicely into September. With your incredible ingenuity new ideas create new horizons this month.

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