Monthly Pisces Horoscope


FEB 19 - MAR 20

Pisces Profile

Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Negative
Favorable Colors: Sea-Green
Key Body Part: Feet, Immune System
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Rabbit Ruling Planet: Neptune, Jupiter
Cross/Quality: Mutable
House Ruled: Twelfth
Opposite Sign: Virgo
Lucky Gem: Moon Stone

The main keyword of this gentle, affectionate sign is “Understanding”. Pisceans are often observed in the company of a variety of people with different personalities and easygoing and generally accepting of others around them are the most common of these personality types. Their willingness to give of themselves provides them with an aura of quiet empathy. Pisceans are often comforting to be around. Even though, they might not be natural born leaders, their sign’s presence is vibrant and strong in any cause they set out to do with their hearts.

Celebrity Fish: Hines Ward, Johnny Cash, Fabio, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, Bernadette Peters, Eric Estrada, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Liza Minelli, Rene Russo, Rob Lowe, Antonio Sabato Jr, Queen Latifah, Jon Bon Jovi, Ben Roethlisberger, Flavor Flav, Sallie Jesse Raphael, Kurt Cobain, Aidan Quinn, Mister Rogers, Albert Einstein, Dakota Fanning, Dr Seuss, Ron Jeremy.

Best compatible with: Scorpio, Cancer

Pisces Traits

compassionate, selfless, emotional, charming, intuitive, imaginative


weak minded, short tempered, unreliable, over sensitive, moody


helping others, creativity, daydreaming, being spontaneous, artistry


being forced to face reality, being under pressure, criticism, rules


June 2023

Career concerns are bright, but it might not seem so at first. The June 2 Full Moon can set you up for success, but don't get distracted or tricked into being too enthusiastic. Take charge of something important at home later in the month. You'll have more enthusiasm, energy, and authority to break down barriers around the June 16 New Moon. Do what makes sense to you. If you need to do it yourself, you can. The weekend of June 27 looks good for love and confiding hopes and dreams. Choose your company well, feel emotionally safe, and maybe form a stronger bond.

Love - Romantic

For Pisces natives, the career sector is heightened at this time, which may take your attention away from love temporarily. On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you may be so busy trying to balance work and your romantic life that all you can think about is taking a break. Good thing the 7th and 8th bring a bit of a breather. Try to take a day or two to just reconnect with your partner, whether you hop in the car for a road trip or keep it local with a staycation. No matter what, things are getting heated between you, for better or worse. On the 16th and 17th, think about where you want to be with your special someone. Are you headed for the altar? Kids and a family? Or maybe you're considering buying a home together? Whatever the case, clarifying what you want not only makes it easier to communicate your feelings, it also shifts your energy into a whole new happy place. By the 22nd and 23rd, take time out for yourself. Even a night alone reconnects your body, mind, and spirit in a powerful way. Single Pisces natives may find that the end of the month brings a beautiful mixture of business and pleasure. On the 24th and 25th, relax into all you've become. You've earned it!

Business - Money

This month, short breaks now and then will renew spirits and restore energy. And, speaking of pumping things up, beginning on the 5th, regenerate relationships with co-workers and immediate supervisors. If there was ever a month to say thank you and be supportive, this is it. Few of us can stand alone. Your lucky days this month are the 8th and 9th. Expect to get what you want. Of course there's no way to prove that except to ask - even for the job you hope to get! Send resumes now if job-hunting. Something that once was might again be possible on the 17th. Don't be surprised to find that a door opened and you have an edge over the competition. By the 22nd, 23rd, 24th you'll be very aware of how important it was to focus on getting organized. Doing so ensured that you are ready for the sort of opportunities that don't come around very often. You can't reap the fruits of your labors if you haven't finished the work. End the month with rewards for a job well done. In July, the wheels keep turning in the direction of something new.

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