Planet Positions

The Connection between Astrology and the Planets

Planet Positions

In astrology, the planets are like voices within us as we act out the dramas of our lives. They represent the various human drives we have in common, although we express them in our own individual ways (according to other factors mentioned later).

Sun be, stand apart as an individual, shine, create, lead, execute, integrate.
Moon secure, nest, nurture and be nurtured, bond, be part of a family or tribe.
Mercury communicate, express, connect, listen, understand, learn, think.
Venus value, appreciate, attract or gravitate to what's attractive, socialize.
Mars survive, compete, act, do, accelerate, defend or go on the offensive.
Jupiter expand, grow, make progress, reach out, adventure, take risks.
Saturn define, organize, plan, target, mature, control, be responsible and accountable.
Uranus march to one's own drummer, experiment, shock, awaken, rebel, intuit.
Neptune believe, dream, imagine, pray, heal, psychically receive, escape, rest.
Pluto reproduce, renew, transform, unload, let go, dig underneath, dominate.
Astrology Aspects: Current, Transitory and Natal

As planets move around the ancient circle of the zodiac, their relationship to earth changes day to day. There are times when the effect they have on earth is harmonious because of the position of another planet as it moves about its path. The real-time interaction of two planets is called a "current aspect," as when this aspect takes place, it is currently happening. Harmonious planetary aspects occurring between two planets can lead to pleasant stretches of time among us all here on our home planet.

The second type of aspect is called a "transitory aspect." This is when a planet moves into position with the location that another planet had on the day you were born. The location of the planets at the moment of your birth is recorded and calculated as your astrology chart. It is believed that the planets, the independent bodies of the solar system, began having an effect on you when you became an independent body on earth. The imprint of these planetary locations on you at this moment is your lifelong way of accepting the universe as it should be. The aspects between the planets in your astrology chart are called your "natal aspects."

As the planets continue moving on, they interact with the past locations on your astrology chart. When tension among the planets is adversely affecting the world, the planets are often simultaneously interacting harmoniously with the planetary locations of your astrology chart. Ever felt great when everyone else was miserable? The same can happen in reverse - it can be a perfect day of harmonious planetary energy in the sky above but some of the current locations of the planets can be interacting rather harshly with your chart.
Harmonious Aspects: Conjunctions, Trines and Sextiles

There are three harmonious aspects in astrology between planets: the conjunction, the trine and the sextile.

When a planet is moving into the same part of the zodiac as another planet, this is called a conjunction. While these planets are hundreds of thousands of miles apart, they appear to get together in the same spot of the zodiac as you look at them from earth and thus have an effect on us here. A solar eclipse is the best example of a conjunction; the Sun and the Moon are together in the sky as seen from earth.

A planet is nearing a sextile aspect when it is two zodiac signs away from another point in the solar system. An exact sextile aspect is when two points or objects in the zodiac are 60° apart in the 360° circle. Each year you will notice a wonderful feeling exactly sixty days before your birthday and sixty days after your birthday; this is when the Sun is in a transitory sextile aspect to the location of the Sun on your astrology chart. This is the most classic of the transitory sextile aspects.

A trine is when two objects or points in the zodiac are exactly 120° apart. A person who was born four zodiac signs after you, regardless of the year, will always be a soulmate possibility. Trines occur between signs that share the same astrological element. A natal trine aspect in your astrology chart is the indicator of your personality strengths.