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JAN 20 - FEB 18

Aquarius Profile

Symbol: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Turquoise
Key Body Part: Ankles, Circulatory System
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Tiger
Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn
Cross/Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Eleventh
Opposite Sign: Leo
Lucky Gem: Turquoise

Aquarians can be seen in one of two different manners. Occasionally, it is possible for you to find an Aquarian that is quiet and shy. Also, these people can be energetic, boisterous and eccentric. People that fall in one of the two personality types are deep thinkers and they enjoy helping others. These people are very intelligent, this is a display of strong independence that prefers intuition tempered with logic. The two personality types of the Aquarians have the unusual ability to understand both sides of an argument with no prejudice or bias towards one side. This makes them great problem solvers.
Even though they are very much attuned to the energies surrounding them, Aquarians have been known to exhibit a deep need to take time out alone and away to rejuvenate themselves. The main keyword for this zodiac sign is imagination. One of the Aquarian’s most amazing qualities is the ability to see unlimited possibilities when it seems like there is no possibilities.

Celebrity Water Bearers: Alice Cooper, Bobby Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Denise Richards, Jerry Springer, George Romero, George Washington, Kim Jong, Jerome Bettis, Chris Rock, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Tom Selleck, Shakira, Yoko Ono, Justin Timberlake, Burt Reynolds, Lisa Marie Presley, Ashton Kutcher, Sheryl Crow, Chris Farley, Garth Brooks, Farrah Fawcett, Florence Henderson, Vince Neil, Cybil Shephard, Paris Hilton, Joe Pesci, Molly Ringwald, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Linda Blair.

Best compatible with: Gemini, Libra

Aquarius Traits

inventive, original, witty, clever, humanitarian


stubborn, unemotional, aloof, rebellious, sarcastic


friendship, surprises, social activity, keeping a broad outlook, being a realist


intolerance, changing their minds, prejudice, confrontations

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

You appreciate the positive vibes coming your way today because it seems as if others are encouraging you to follow your dreams. Nevertheless, you can't put your finger on a subtle something that doesn't feel quite right. Unfortunately, you grow frustrated if you struggle to uncover what you don't know, especially because you might not be missing anything at all. The good news is your free-floating sense of doubt will pass if you don't blow it out of proportion. In the meantime, accept any support you receive with grace and gratitude.

Single's love

Someone you wouldn't think you had much in common with is going to astound you today. Little did you know. You'll start up a conversation and then promptly lose all track of time.

Couple's love

Something new, intriguing, interesting and perhaps awe-inspiring is happening to you and your partner today. Wow! What is it? Make sure you enjoy it!


Forget about everybody else for once this day is just for you and you alone. Find creative ways to indulge yourself, especially if they involve some well-deserved slacking off and relaxing with someone cute.

Finance - Money

Everyone is trying to stay afloat. That means you have to be extra careful in business deals. Cover the details now, before your retirement is involved.

Career - Work

Your work routines will seem more interesting as circumstances change just enough to keep you on your toes. Stay flexible and you'll end up ahead of the game.

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