General Information On Numerology

Introduction To Numerology

Introduction To Numerology

Numerology is simply the study of the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events in people's life. This study is based on the idea that the universe is a system and once it is broken down, it often leaves behind the basic elements which are often in form of numbers. It is considered to be the study of the numerical value of the letters in ideas, names, and words. It has also been said that this study is related to paranormal events just like astrology and other similar divinatory arts. It has been said that the study of Numerology makes it possible to determine information about the universe and also each individual.The study of Numerology is often referred to as a universal language of numbers.

Numerology is very similar to Astrology in a lot of ways, but it utilizes a different method to get the data and insight required to perform this study. The people who believe in the theory of Numerology and use numerical patterns to draw pseudo-scientific inferences are often referred to as "Numerologists". Numerologists believe that these numerical patterns will help us to better understand the universe and ourselves as individuals. The study of Numerology is based on the belief that the universe is a system and once it is broken down we are left with its basic elements which are often in the form of numbers. Numerologists often use the understanding that every occurrence in the universe is dependent on and can be equated to numbers to get multiple elements of an individual and break them down into a numerical pattern through various methods. The study of Numerology works by helping individuals calculate things like their expression number, heart desire number, and life path number.

Just like many of the ancient philosophies, no one knows where the theory of numerology came from or how it was developed. However, the earliest recorded history of Numerology dates back to the ancient Babylon and Egypt. But some evidence shows that the theory of numerology was used thousands of years ago in China, Japan, Rome, and Greece. Some of the earliest philosophers of the times including Pythagoras theorize that since mathematical concepts were more practical (that is they are easier to classify and regulate) than physical ones, they had better actuality. And, somewhere between the 354 A.D. and 430 A.D., the St. Augustine of Hippo said that numbers are the universal language provided by the deity to human as confirmation of the truth. He said this because, like Pythagoras, he also believed that every occurrence in the universe is related to numerical patterns. This is why these early philosophers decided to take it upon themselves to seek and investigate the theory behind these relationships.

Numerologists often provide people with numerology readings that often entail a lot of mathematical calculations. Numerology readings often involve calculations that have many layers of depth with different numbers and combinations of numbers that have various meanings. Numerology readings are often based on hidden facts about core numbers. However, just like the way numbers are infinite, an individual numerology chart can be infinite and have a lot of perspectives.

It is believed by a lot of people that the theory of Numerology can be used to figure out some aspects of an individual's personality. A Numerology chart is capable of providing some information about an individual's personality. An individual's Numerology chart is constructed by using the individual's name, date of birth and alphabet of the name to convert numbers to information.

Six core numbers are often contained in a full Numerology chart of an individual. Three of these core numbers are derived from the name of the individual and the other three are derived from the individual's date of birth. The full Numerology chart of an individual will provide a description of the individual's personality, how the individual often expresses himself and what career path the individual should take. The numerology charts can also provide an individual with some information about his or her likes and dislikes and other insights on the attributes and character.

There are other numerology numbers that are often taken into consideration when constructing an individual's Numerology chart and they include challenge numbers, cornerstone numbers, pinnacle numbers, karmic numbers, hidden passions and more. The Numerology chart of an individual might also contain some numbers often referred to as Master Numbers which include any repeating digit number like 22, 33 and 11. These Master Numbers are not often converted to one digit like other numerology numbers. Some of the core numbers that are often used to construct the Numerology chart of an individual include:

Life Path Number

The life path number is considered to be the most important core number that is used to construct the Numerology chart. This core number is said to form the basis of what your life path could be. This core number also reflects who the individual is or should be both in personality and traits. This core number also summarizes any challenges or opportunities that may comes the individual's way, and also valuable lessons that they may have to learn along the way.

Expression Number

The expression number is also commonly referred to as the destiny number and it is said to provide information about the individual's desires, personal goals and ambition, and abilities. This core number is also capable of showing an individual any inherent traits they may have.

Soul Urge Number

The soul urge number is also commonly referred to as the heart desire number in the Numerology chart. This core number can be used to provide a reflection of the individual's true or inner self in the Numerology chart. It has been said that the soul urge number is capable of revealing hidden truths in people that they once discover once they have finished their numerology reading.

Personality Number

The personality core number is often determined by using only the consonants in the individual's full name. This core number provides information about the side of the individual that everybody else sees. That is, it shows what people think of your personality and what you show them.

Birth Day Number

This is another core number that is used to construct an individual's chart. This core number provides information about what the individual's destiny should be like. This core number is determined with the exact date of birth of the individual. When this core number is combined with the life path number, it can be used to provide information about the individual's talents, gifts, and life's purpose.