Weekly Leo Horoscope


JUL 23 - AVG 22

Leo Profile

Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Group: Intellectual
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Gold, Orange
Key Body Part: Heart, Spine
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Monkey
Ruling Planet: Sun
Cross/Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Fifth
Opposite Sign: Aquarius
Lucky Gem: Ruby

Everyone notices when the mighty Lion enters center stage. Leo is a creative, outgoing and dramatic sign that has a main keyword of magnetism for good reason. Leo’s charm is fiery and self-assured which makes it almost impossible to resist. A Leo will bring a lot to the table, whether it is time spent with friends and family or efforts on the job scene.

Celebrity Cats: Lawrence Fishburne, Sean Penn, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Kathie Lee Gifford, Robert Redford, Isaiah Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Mick Jagger, Hulk Hogan, Angela Bassett, Charlize Theron, Peter Jennings, Bill Clinton, Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, Hilary Swank, Monica Lewinsky, Mick Jagger, Will Farrell, Robert DeNiro, John Stamos, Steve Martin, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Buck Owens, Frank Gifford, Slash, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, Wesley Snipes, Laurence Fishburne, David Spade, Tony Bennett, Ben Affleck, Ed Norton.

Best compatible with: Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries

Leo Traits

committed, friendly, positive, highly energetic, born-leaders, adaptable, calm, sincere, fun-loving


moody, bossy, impulsive, jealous, egoistic, dominating


giving advice, loyalty, taking risks, flattery, protecting their loved ones


pettiness, being dependent on others, doing what is not necessary, boredom, taking orders


June 24, 2019 - June 30, 2019

An idea or inspiration could spur you to action, and it might result in a plan that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment. Be sure to listen to your intuition on Monday, as it may be crucial in bringing a special opportunity your way. Meanwhile, it helps to take care of matters close to your heart, particularly if a situation needs a sensitive touch to resolve. A focus on your spiritual sector might urge you to be warm-hearted and friendly and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Love - Romantic

Opportunities in the love department abound this week, so be ready for romance! It may be friends first around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but friendship can evolve quickly into a very sweet more-than-friends scenario. If you're already coupled up, palling around is extra fun on these days. Sunday's energy is straight-up hot, so plan accordingly; a brunch date could lead very interesting places. As for the rest of the week: On Monday, you may want to be left alone (say it instead of growling); and on Friday and Saturday, don't deny your first instinct (it's right).

Business - Money

You might be the one urging caution at the beginning of the week, and if those around you are smart, they'll heed your unusual signal. Be ready to justify taking time to reassess with some preliminary projections or past examples. By Thursday and Friday, lights should be turning green; if you've been looking for budget wiggle room or more in the way of compensation, look again now. Asking directly for what you want or need could have surprisingly positive results. As for the weekend, family or your family of friends should really take precedence. Plan accordingly.

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