Monthly Taurus Horoscope


APR 20 - MAY 20

Taurus Profile

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Negative
Favorable Colors: Pink
Key Body Part: Neck, Throat
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Snake
Ruling Planet: Venus
Cross/Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Second
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Lucky Gem: Emerald

Taurus is strong and dependable and it leads the way when we are talking about reaping the rewards of hard work. Taureans often surround themselves with material gains because they love everything that is beautiful and fine. This sign is a tactile and sensual one. For this sign, touch is very essential in everything from work to romance. Taureans are often considered to be one of the most reliable of the zodiac because they are stable and conservative. Although this sign is often considered to be stubborn, it will plod along on a task until the very end, making sure that everything is up to standard. Taureans are highly creative and they thoroughly love making things with their own hands.

Celebrity Bulls: Barbara Streisand, Stephen Baldwin, Al Pacino, Pope John Paul, David Byrne, Adolf Hitler, Janet Jackson, Joey Lawrence, George Clooney, Mike Wallace, Cher, Willie Nelson, Uma Thurman, Valerie Bertinelli, Jay Leno, George Lopez, George Harrison, Bono, Bill Paxton, Saddam Hussein, Dennis Rodman, Tim McGraw, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Michelle Pfieffer.

Best compatible with: Virgo, Pisces

Taurus Traits

compassionate, patient, loyal, honest, dependable, hardworking, committed


materialistic, dominant, aggressive, lazy, stubborn, extremely sensitive


harmony, good food, beauty, tranquility, security


being forced to change their minds, uncomfortable surroundings, being annoyed


August 2022

August 4 is a bonus day of luck and love as Venus and Jupiter conjoin in golden Leo. The New Moon on August 14 could make your home feel more like the palace you see in your dreams. Indulge in decorative embellishments or perhaps some stylish entertainment and allow yourself to live that dream. Have some fun on the Full Moon of August 29, but don't expect everyone to be on the up and up with you. Perhaps it's a misunderstood intention or maybe someone is leading you on. None of this will dampen the party atmosphere, though.

Love - Romantic

Though you may wonder where a current relationship is headed - after all, security is important to your sign - August begins with a bang. Whatever you've been building together finally begins to feel like it's moving forward. Communication also opens up, as you drop any fears of appearing strange. You both have so much to offer this union! By the 7th and 8th, you're much more relaxed around each other, sharing secrets and planning your future together. Partnered Taurians especially need to feel relaxed in what they say, and not worry about walking around on eggshells. Astrological aspects support being open and honest about your feelings, without the fear that you'll be shut down. By the 12th, 13th, and 14th, just make sure that you're telling the whole truth, and not projecting what you want to see in your partner. Otherwise, you may be disappointed down the line. Single Taurus natives will find the energy around the 14th and 15th conducive to meeting new dating prospects, especially if you go big and bold with it. It's not the time to be a shrinking violet, so make sure to wear bright colors, and make a statement. On the 19th and 20th, love demands a little originality and quirkiness. Try to get creative with the time you spend together.

Business - Money

With the right mindset competition is motivating and this month is one big opportunity. Keep one eye on the opposition, but don't let it distract your focus. Just know your co-competitors and be confident you are stronger. Your lucky day, the 6th, do some job-hunting, send resumes, or ask favors. Do a few because you never know when you need to ask for one. From the 7th to the 10th, speak from experience. That and your good instincts help you come to the right conclusion. The 11th starts an important new cycle. Heads up because there's something out there that draws all of your skills and talents. It could even help you discover your untapped talent to add to your expertise. The 20th is auspicious for creating, improving, and bridging friend/client relationships that are often interlocking networks. The 26th to the 29th present a tremendous upside for you. Do things in a big way. Imagine on a big scale. It is one thing to outshine the competition but it is a to-be-continued thing. Winning can be addictive, don't you know! Continue to move, shake and make strides forward. In September you aren't going to be standing still.

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