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APR 20 - MAY 20

Taurus Profile

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Negative
Favorable Colors: Pink
Key Body Part: Neck, Throat
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Snake
Ruling Planet: Venus
Cross/Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Second
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Lucky Gem: Emerald

Taurus is strong and dependable and it leads the way when we are talking about reaping the rewards of hard work. Taureans often surround themselves with material gains because they love everything that is beautiful and fine. This sign is a tactile and sensual one. For this sign, touch is very essential in everything from work to romance. Taureans are often considered to be one of the most reliable of the zodiac because they are stable and conservative. Although this sign is often considered to be stubborn, it will plod along on a task until the very end, making sure that everything is up to standard. Taureans are highly creative and they thoroughly love making things with their own hands.

Celebrity Bulls: Barbara Streisand, Stephen Baldwin, Al Pacino, Pope John Paul, David Byrne, Adolf Hitler, Janet Jackson, Joey Lawrence, George Clooney, Mike Wallace, Cher, Willie Nelson, Uma Thurman, Valerie Bertinelli, Jay Leno, George Lopez, George Harrison, Bono, Bill Paxton, Saddam Hussein, Dennis Rodman, Tim McGraw, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Michelle Pfieffer.

Best compatible with: Virgo, Pisces

Taurus Traits

compassionate, patient, loyal, honest, dependable, hardworking, committed


materialistic, dominant, aggressive, lazy, stubborn, extremely sensitive


harmony, good food, beauty, tranquility, security


being forced to change their minds, uncomfortable surroundings, being annoyed


November 2021

Pleasant social times and romance may be yours on the weekend starting November 6. You may not warm up to everyone at first, but the atmosphere mellows on Saturday. New love comes your way with the New Moon on November 11. If you're happy as is, you may rethink some facet of your relationship to make things even better. Around the November 25 Full Moon your thoughts turn to money and all your favorite things to do with it. Holiday shopping and food could be high on your list. With much already to be thankful for, more is on the way.

Love - Romantic

For your sign, love is important and life-affirming due to your Venus ruling planet. During the month of November, you have every reason to celebrate as your love life takes on even more meaning. On the 3rd and 4th, you're ready to release some of the pain from previous relationships in order to move forward with someone else. This is an important part of your healing process and puts you in a much better place to succeed. By the 6th and 7th, you and your partner are lost in each other's eyes, Romance blooms as every little thing you say and do together is imbued with magic. The 10th and 11th help you both find the words to talk about your shared future. Whether you're a new couple or have been together for a while, you're making plans for the future at this time. Communication benefits from the stars on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. You may find there's still so much to discover about each other. In any event, it's all good. Single Taurus natives find support in finding new dating partners on the 24th and 25th, when an unexpected person may surprise you with how interesting and sexy they've been this whole time! Explore a possible relationship as soon as you can.

Business - Money

Communication is November's theme and, by the way, it includes listening, understanding, and even admitting one is (or was) wrong. Not to worry! People appreciate your mind-changing ability. Sometimes the right decision is more challenging than the wrong one. Think on the 5th and 6th about how much more unpleasant it will it be if you put if off and/or take the easy way. If relevant, decide to give something another shot. It's time for a change. Your motivation is naturally high from the 9th to the 12th. Invest the energy and get good systems in place. What makes you comfortable might make you restless on the 17th and 18th. In this light take advantage of lucky days on the 23rd and 24th to explore, search for opportunities, and send resumes if job-hunting. From the 26th through the end of the month, others will discover you are more intensely passionate than even they may think. Professionally, if you want something bad enough, you'll even change your mind, admit you are wrong, and do a 180 to get it. You may tend to think you can't have everything you wish but you can try. Next month, dreams and hunches rule for earthy Taurus.

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