Monthly Cancer Horoscope


JUN 21 - JUL 22

Cancer Profile

Symbol: The Crab
Element: Water
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Negative
Favorable Colors: White, Silver
Key Body Part: Stomach, Breasts
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Goat
Ruling Planet: Moon
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
House Ruled: Fourth
Opposite Sign: Capricorn
Lucky Gem: Pearls

These people are very sentimental and deeply intuitive, Cancer can be one of the most difficult Zodiac signs to get to understand. For this sign, emotion runs strong and there is nothing more important to them than family and home. Cancerians are much attuned to those close to them and they are very empathetic and sympathetic. The keyword for this sign is Devotion, which makes them greatly sensitive people to be around.

Celebrity Crabs: Richard Simmons, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Toby Keith, Jessica Simpson, Mike Tyson, George W Bush, Michelle Branch, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Pam Anderson, Sandra Oh, Sly Stallone, Paul McCartney, Justin Chambers, Ritchie Sambora, Ringo Star, Lizzie Borden, Dannt Glover, Barry Manilow, David Hasselhoff, Prince William, June Carter Cash, Alanis Morissette, Courtney Love, Gretchen Wilson, Jacques Cousteau, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Mattie Stepanek, Kathy Bates, OJ Simpson, Toby Keith, Tom Hanks.

Best compatible with: Scorpio, Pisces

Cancer Traits

dependable, imaginative, responsive, committed, loyal, protective, caring


short-tempered, oversensitive, self-pitying, moody, clingy


their home, history, being appreciated, money


being alone, discussing personal lives, cruelty, financial insecurity


May 2022

You can have just as much fun doing your own thing as you can in a big group out in public. It can cost less, too. If friends are going to a big concert on the weekend of the May 3 Full Moon and the music isn't your favorite, it's OK to give it a pass. Surround yourself with all your favorite people and have a great time around the May 17 New Moon. Don't sit alone staring at the walls. Your friends won't permit it. Heal an old hurt or simply make yourself and someone else happier on May 27.

Love - Romantic

With so much happening astrologically this month, your sign may want to hide under a blanket until it's over. But your homey tendencies can come in handy in other ways. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th of this month may be tough for sensitive Crabs, as you strive to let go of troubling memories from old relationships. It has to be done, unfortunately, so you can finally move on and have the kind of love you desire. Once that's finished, the month gets a lot better - so congrats on being brave! The 7th and 8th already begin to feel lighter for you. Singles find the courage they'd been lacking to start up new conversations and find potential new partners. Partnered Crabs almost begin to feel giddy at all the power that releasing has given them. Once old energies have hit the road, it may be time to display those world-class party-throwing skills. Inviting friends over for no reason at all around the 18th and 19th gives you a chance to show off your cooking talents and maybe even introduce your partner to your friends. You're ready to make a bigger leap together, now that the heavy lifting has been done. The 25th and 26th have you considering a very long-term future together.

Business - Money

In May you find your way around obstacles, and events come together for a special purpose to unveil you as a resounding success. May 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, it is a little quieter on the communication front externally, but lots of deep thinking occurs internally as you plan, rehearse, and wait. This turns out to be a good use of time because you give ideas more definition. You also sense destiny to be created as you discover the more obvious goals. May 14th and 15th, challenges might surface. If they do don't distrust your powers of observation. Bear in mind that while you may not be totally sure what it is, you know what it isn't. Your lucky days in May are the 20th and 21st. If job hunting, this is the time to send resumes. If not in the market, you are still both smart and lucky! Ask for favors. On May 25th and 26th, show by your actions what you believe in (yes, be a bit of the star of the show). Next month the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle surface and it all fits. A hint: it really wasn't that big a secret. You knew it all along.

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