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How To Use Feng Shui In Your Home

How To Use Feng Shui In Your Home

The home is one of the most important places in the practice of Feng Shui, therefore it is essential to have a good feng shui in your home. There are certain rules of Feng Shui that must be followed when you are trying to create good Feng Shui in your house, looking to purchase a house with good Feng Shui or plan to build a new house. Organizing your house while following the rules of Feng Shui will help you to attract strong Chi. It is important to have a flow of good energy or Chi in your home in order to keep your home peaceful and in good order. If you want to know if your home has good Feng Shui, here are some methods to use;

Assess the feng shui of the outdoors

If you want to know if a house has good feng shui and no attacking Chi energy (Shar) or low Chi energy (Si), you should probably evaluate the landscape surrounding the house. You should carefully evaluate the outside of your house and assess your environment with fresh perspectives. This is why it is also very important to have a strong and healthy front entrance. The principle of feng shui states that houses often get most of their required energy nourishment through the front entrance, so the stronger and healthier the front entrance is, the more good chi it will be able to absorb. And the more the good chi energy your front entrance is able to absorb, the greater the energy available to support your home. This is why it is also important to make sure that your front door does not stick or jam and decorate your front entrance with plants and other beautiful accessories. You can also adorn your front entrance with Feng Shui symbols of abundance, good luck, and protection.

The main entrance should have inviting and self contained energy

The main entrance is considered to be one of the most important places in feng Shui because of the fact that this place has the ability to attract and invite the incoming Chi energy into your home. This is why it is important that the main entrance of your home has a quality of energy that is welcoming and also self-contained in order for the energy to settle in. You should make sure that there are no doors or windows in direct line with the main entrance. If you have your front entrance facing any door, is it a bathroom or a back door, the energy will be able to easily leave your home without being able to nourish the home. Also, if a window is facing the main entrance, the energy will also be able to easily leave your home.

Have a happy, active and nourishing energy in the kitchen

The kitchen is often commonly referred to as the heart of the home by several cultures. Based on the principles of feng shui, the kitchen is also commonly associated with wealth and health energy so it is very important to take good care of your kitchen. You can start by applying the best feng shui elements to your kitchen and maintain fresh and nourishing chi energy. If the kitchen is not properly taken care of, the feng shui of the home will not be very good. Avoid positioning your kitchen where it will be facing the front door. Avoid positioning your kitchen where it will be facing a bedroom. Avoid letting your dishes pile up in your sink or on the countertops. Clean your dishes regularly. Get rid of spoiled food.

To curtail this particular habit, try organizing a central area for everyone's belongings directly inside the door to your house. Install hooks on the wall so that purses, coats and backpacks can easily be suspended upon entrance. A seat or short shelf can be placed directly under the hanging area for obviously labeled catch-all bins for each member of the family. This will also aid during the course of the day when picking up around the home. Items located around the house can be placed in these bins, and each family member must get in the practice of making sure items are emptied out of the bins and properly put away each evening.

Good feng shui in the bedroom

A lot of people consider their bedroom to be the most loved room in their home. It is a very important part of the house and it has a very great effect on the general feng shui of your home. Therefore, in a home with good feng shui, it is important to focus most of your attention on creating a good Feng shui in the bedroom. Adorn your bedroom with beautiful beddings, colors, art, comforting lighting, fresh air infused with essential oils and anything else that makes you feel loved and taken care of. Avoid positioning your bed directly across from the door. Avoid positioning your bed in front of a window. Try to avoid sleeping with your feet facing the door. Avoid sleeping underneath a beam. Try to put a pink sheet over king size box springs which are really two twin beds to prevent marital issues. In order to deflect negative Chi, you can suspend a faceted crystal ball from an overhead ceiling.

Fresh and lively energy in large quantities

The principle of good feng shui is all about good energy flow in the home, that is, the energy that is fresh, alive and flowing. So in order for your home to have good feng shui energy, it will need to have a constant flow of fresh energy, an abundance of natural light and living items like flowers and plants. You can also use vibrant arts and good sounds to improve the flow of good energy in your home and prevent the flow of bed feng shui energy in the house.

Clean utility facilities

Even in a house with good feng shui energy flow, people might neglect to clean some places like the bathroom, laundry room, basement, closets and, garages. But it is also important to clean and take care of these places as a result of the fact that these places are still part of your house will have some effect on your energy flow. This is why it is important not to neglect any part of your home. If you want to have good feng shui in your house, it is best that you give all parts of your house proper care and order as well as basic loving treatment. The bathroom is a place to get rid of waste and debris. It can also serve as a source of water which signifies wealth in Feng Shui. So it is important to maintain your bathroom.

Lobbies and hallways

Hallways need to be free of impediments and are needed to be well lit. It should also be clear to anyone where they are to go next in the house. A nice piece of art may be hung on the wall to the end of a hallway. However, never place a mirror there; it will only reflect back the entering Chi. There should be no hallway in the house that leads directly to a toilet. If it is already there, just make sure the door is closed at all times. These are some tips to overcoming and preventing Chi flow problems, giving you a harmonious feng shui home.