Monthly Libra Horoscope


SEP 23 - OCT 22

Libra Profile

Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Group: Intellectual
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Blue
Key Body Part: Kidneys
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Dog
Ruling Planet: Venus
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
House Ruled: Seventh
Opposite Sign: Aries
Lucky Gem: Sapphire

The main keyword for this sign is “I balance”, and when it comes to keeping everything on an even keel, a Libra will always be the leader of the pack. Peace loving and judicial, this sign abhors being alone. Partnerships are very vital for the Libran, particularly those on a personal level. They have a cooperative style and winning personalities, they are not apt to being alone for a long period of time.

Celebrity Scales: Mario Lopez, Will Smith, Andrew Dice Clay, Natalie Maines, Matt Damon, David Lee Roth, Armand Assante, Gwen Stefani, Sylvia Browne, Tanya Tucker, Kate Walsh, Neve Campbell, Randy Quaid, Eminem, John Mellencamp, Truman Capote, John Lennon, Chevy Chase, Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty, Sharon Osbourne, Sammy Hagar, Suzanne Sommers, Julie Andrews, Sting, Cindy Margolis, Meatloaf, Evel Knieval, Simon Cowell, Heather Locklear, Van Damme.

Best compatible with: Leo, Sagittarius

Libra Traits

hospitable, peaceful, graceful, idealistic, charming, kind


indecisive, vain, unreliable, superficial


facts, harmony, balance, logic, peace, arguments


being wrong, rudeness, unfairness, rushing into decisions


June 2023

Listen more carefully and talk more quietly in the first week or two. A lot of people may have things to tell you around the June 2 Full Moon that you know you want to hear. Something new and thrilling could enter your life after the New Moon on June 16. It may be near to home, but it will still fire up great enthusiasm. A friend could give you some news that enlightens your mind and widens your world. Friends and family have your back on June 26. They'll ease things if a weekend romance starts to get too dramatic.

Love - Romantic

It's been a long time since you lost your temper, due to your normal, balanced demeanor. But on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you may find that you've reached your limit with certain behaviors from your partner. Emotions and tensions may be running high, so if you need to take a step back for perspective, by all means do so. The 8th and 9th bring a welcome break from all the drama. You enjoy the arts, but would really prefer to leave all that stuff on the stage, not in your home. If you need to reconnect with your love at this time, try to spend at least a day or so out of town. The break from your normal grind will really help reconnect you. Things are back to normal around the 20th and 21st, when a dreamy aspect has you wondering if you've finally met your soul mate. No matter where you are in the dating cycle, show how much you care with little texts or gifts indicating your interest. Single Libra natives should be on the lookout for exciting new chances to meet people on the 24th, 25th, and 26th. Just don't be in such a rush that you forget the formalities of getting to know each other.

Business - Money

Spice! You've got a dash of it in the complicated recipe that is life. June begins with a stellar week when good connections or business associations pay off. It could be more glory than benefits for now. Stay tuned. June 5th starts a time of opportunities. "Aha!" moments when you can't miss the message that alliances are here for a purpose. As the old saying goes, it isn't the time to change horses (support systems) in midstream. A little indecision makes some decisions necessary. Things are growing, and are promising, but you have to make choices. June 6th through the 10th, bumps in road smooth out if you've encountered any delays. A prior unknown becomes clear. June 15th and 16th, with spontaneous rapport compromises are easy, giving you opportunities to set what is wrong and what is right. You enjoy a nice 10-day bonus beginning on the 22nd. It's a time when you have to be clear in what your intentions are in your own mind and in revealing them to others. Luck is with you, closing one chapter and moving to the next. Your lucky days this month are the 24th and 25th. If job-hunting, send out resumes. You end the month on an up-note. Embrace change in July. It's here.

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