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FEB 19 - MAR 20

Pisces Profile

Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Negative
Favorable Colors: Sea-Green
Key Body Part: Feet, Immune System
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Rabbit Ruling Planet: Neptune, Jupiter
Cross/Quality: Mutable
House Ruled: Twelfth
Opposite Sign: Virgo
Lucky Gem: Moon Stone

The main keyword of this gentle, affectionate sign is “Understanding”. Pisceans are often observed in the company of a variety of people with different personalities and easygoing and generally accepting of others around them are the most common of these personality types. Their willingness to give of themselves provides them with an aura of quiet empathy. Pisceans are often comforting to be around. Even though, they might not be natural born leaders, their sign’s presence is vibrant and strong in any cause they set out to do with their hearts.

Celebrity Fish: Hines Ward, Johnny Cash, Fabio, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, Bernadette Peters, Eric Estrada, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Liza Minelli, Rene Russo, Rob Lowe, Antonio Sabato Jr, Queen Latifah, Jon Bon Jovi, Ben Roethlisberger, Flavor Flav, Sallie Jesse Raphael, Kurt Cobain, Aidan Quinn, Mister Rogers, Albert Einstein, Dakota Fanning, Dr Seuss, Ron Jeremy.

Best compatible with: Scorpio, Cancer

Pisces Traits

compassionate, selfless, emotional, charming, intuitive, imaginative


weak minded, short tempered, unreliable, over sensitive, moody


helping others, creativity, daydreaming, being spontaneous, artistry


being forced to face reality, being under pressure, criticism, rules

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Although people see you as quietly confident today, you might not have that much to say yet because you secretly lack certainty about your direction. You're on a creative surge with the evocative Moon inspiring your 5th House of Self-Expression, but the real action is taking place within your imagination and out of sight from anyone's watchful gaze. Don't feel obliged to demonstrate your brilliance now; just gently express what's most important to you once you're satisfied with the results of your inner process.

Single's love

Try to separate illusion from reality in the realm of romance. It may be difficult because these two things are always close together for you but it's absolutely necessary.

Couple's love

The two of you might be at odds about making a decision together. You're the tortoise and they're the hare or vice-versa. Well make sure one of your calms down the stars are pointing in the direction of slow movement.


Trust is the cornerstone of self-esteem. You have to believe in your choices and know that your instincts work in your favor. If you're always second guessing yourself, it's time to ask why and get some answers.

Finance - Money

Was your financial state all smoke and mirrors? Were you hoodwinked by the market? No, and no. It was no more an illusion than your current account balance is, so forewarned.

Career - Work

Seek an extracurricular outlet for your pent-up emotional energy, or else you may go off on the wrong person at the wrong time and that could hinder progress, at the very least. Hit the gym at midday if you can. Whatever you do, find a way to relieve all this stress.

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