Chinese Horoscope For Sign Dog



This is eleventh Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Xushi. This symbol represents people with pleasing and charming personality along with great friendship and loyalty. It also represents people who are honest, prudent and lovely. The dog years for the 100 years period are 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030. In this period, the dogs are observed to be carrying out their guard duty more dutifully. The dog zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 7pm to 9pm.



In any given year, your sign of the Dog is known for your independence, sincerity, and decisiveness. But during the year of the earth Dog, the sky's the limit for your sign! You endured some challenges last year, and used your trademark determination to get through them. Now, you're poised to make some big life changes, from life and love to money and work.

Friends are quick to jump to your side in support whether you're just going through something or have to appeal to them for assistance. Old pals come back into your life to reconnect all over again. Intentions set during the start of the year begin to come to fruition as you take positive action toward them.

Doors seem to open and, even if you don't consider yourself lucky, you end up feeling pretty darn special. Enjoy the charmed life this year bestows upon you, Dog. You deserve it.

Love - Romantic

Dogs are some of the most loyal and sensitive people in the Chinese zodiac, so it's no secret that you're often in demand when it comes to love and romance. During the year of the earth Dog, it's all about what you're growing with your love.

If you're single and seeking a new partner, the time around June and July stand out as the best times. Putting yourself out there isn't always easy, but you're gaining in confidence when you see what you have to offer. Though you can get a little over-emotional sometimes, it's part of what makes you, you. Resist the impulse to change because others want you to. If you need some time alone to figure things out, ask for it, or just take it for yourself. Single Dogs especially are affected by the intense energy of the lunar eclipse on July 27. Strong feelings may come up around someone close to you, or you may even see that you need to heal from an old relationship. Whatever the case, you'll soon get a handle on it.

Those already with their special someone may need to work on stubbornness this year. You don't always have to be right, or have the last word in arguments. This only hurts your long-term potential. Rather, extending yourself a little past your comfort zone may mean that you actually get closer by year end. What a beautiful thing! This leaves you plenty of time for intimate dinners and that feeling of deep connection you bring to one another.

Finance - Money

The Dog's lively intelligence and curiosity make them wonderful at nearly anything they try.

This year, as the earth Dog takes over, you're ready to use these to your financial advantage. You're prepared to be a little brave, too, by trying new ways of getting and spending your cash. If you're not all that familiar with investing, seek out an advisor who can help explain the landscape to you. You'll be surprised at how quickly you take to it and begin to see your money grow.

Dog natives are also wonderful at bringing in extra money on the side with a new business. Forming something with a partner or small group takes some of the onus off you while making it fun and easy to earn more. You can choose to put some away while having fun with the rest. Being responsible with your funds makes you a clever Dog indeed.

Career - Work

Your sign of the Dog is known for its attention to detail, and ability to work long hours with a smile on your face. But during the year of the earth Dog, it's time to pull back a bit and reimagine your priorities. You have more power than you think this year, so make your dreams a little bolder than you're used to, and watch them come true.

The solar eclipse of July 12 holds a lot of luck for Dog natives. Though you're not always comfortable in the spotlight, enjoy the attention you're getting now. It's good to be noticed for a job well done, and you've more than earned these kudos. As your work gains momentum, asking for more money and power is the next sensible move. Highlighting your loyalty to the company, and your harmonious relationships with your co-workers, may put you in line for a leadership role.

Those seeking a new position should look to January and February as the best times to make their case for a prestigious role. You have more than just your resume to charm your new boss. Your words, stories, and personable nature precede you and get the job done right.


During the year of the earth Dog, your sign is poised to make some positive changes in your health. If you felt tired or just out of sorts last year, the months of July and August, in particular, are ones that feature more rest and relaxation, more enjoyment of life, and general stress reduction. Yay!

Making new habits helps heal anything you may be going through, from something as minor as a headache or allergies to an injury, while changes to your diet and exercise provide a firm foundation for overall wellness.

The earth energy helps you plant seeds for new things to come, so if you've been thinking about aerial yoga, or starting to run, give it a go. You may find that working out with a partner or in a small group helps you get out of bed on those days you'd rather sleep in. Keep it fresh by trying new things throughout the year.