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This is eleventh Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Xushi. This symbol represents people with pleasing and charming personality along with great friendship and loyalty. It also represents people who are honest, prudent and lovely. The dog years for the 100 years period are 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030. In this period, the dogs are observed to be carrying out their guard duty more dutifully. The dog zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 7pm to 9pm.



People born in the Year of Dog can expect to have a very happy and prosperous year, according to the Dog horoscope for 2023. They will thrive in every field and will be surrounded by a very supportive group of people who genuinely root for them.

At times, patience, tenacity, and creativity will be required to thrive in the workplace. Regardless of what you do, strive to give your best and be as productive as possible. Working hard will help you get where you want to be in your life, so don't hesitate to take any chance that comes your way.
According to the 2023 Chinese Horoscope, this will be a period of true happiness and bliss. You finally learned how to express yourself, and emotional stress will no longer be in your way. Strive to spend more time in nature and to achieve peace of mind. Nothing is more satisfying than having a fulfilled, well-balanced and peaceful life.

Love - Romantic

Love sparks will be flying from the very beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit. However, the love horoscope 2023 for the Dog suggests that representatives of the sign shouldn't wait to get some attention from their partner but instead act to get what they want. Married couples could benefit from this because it will help them improve their communication and mutual understanding. Singles will finally reveal the true intentions of people they are interested in. The patron of the year recommends not rushing to end things but giving it a bit more time and trying to show more understanding. Perhaps in a month or two, things will change, and Dogs will get the attention they are craving.

Couples who have been together for quite some time now should try to spice things up a bit by planning an unusual trip together. Try to find remote resorts that are less popular and crowded, or just go somewhere where you can relax together away from everything. Honest conversations about your expectations and emotions will strengthen your relationship. Singles will have to put in more effort to awaken some feelings in a loved one. The need of the Dogs to know and plan everything to the smallest detail might be a significant obstacle on their way to finding love. The patron of the year advises you to act more confidently, but at the same time, showing that you're ready to listen and accept other people's points of view.

Finance - Money

The Year of the Rabbit brings a good financial situation for the Dogs; they will manage to make a big step towards achieving their material goals. According to financial horoscope 2023, pretty much all business ventures will turn out to be profitable. Representatives of the sign have no reason to be afraid of failure and, therefore, can act more confident and decisive. Something that was perceived as a hobby for quite some time, a partnership between friends or a small business project could turn into a significant stream of income. The Dog horoscope for 2023 suggests that you should pay close attention to your competition, analyze and make plans, and even hire assistants if necessary. Don't let your money sit under a pillow and lose its value, invest it into something to generate income. The patron of the year suggests hiring a financial consultant to help you get the most out of your financial situation and take wise steps.

Career - Work

In the workplace, Dogs will be busy by having to rebuild some broken relationships. The Year of the Rabbit will bring a change of position, which means you'll have to work on developing business contacts and try to avoid being a victim of manipulations. Many small secondary tasks will be taking a lot of time and annoy you, but don't let that distract you from developing your skills and building your image. The career horoscope 2023 recommends Dogs stick to what they are doing, to try hard but also to know when to step back. Achieving goals at any cost shouldn't be a priority for this year. However, don't get too relaxed - keep working hard and compromise your way out of any difficult situation.


Don't let negative emotions get you in the Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese horoscope doesn't predict any severe health threats, but some minor disturbances, such as food poisoning, being overweight, and having high blood sugar or cholesterol levels, are possible. These could be a consequence of malnutrition, but more likely, of being stressed for a prolonged time. That is why, according to the Dog health horoscope 2023, establishing a healthy diet and engaging in physical activity will be essential. Work stress could be relieved through yoga, meditation, and some outdoor activities. Spring is the right time to do a thorough medical examination, treat any chronic diseases, and then spend the summer in a specialized sanatorium.

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