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This is eleventh Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Xushi. This symbol represents people with pleasing and charming personality along with great friendship and loyalty. It also represents people who are honest, prudent and lovely. The dog years for the 100 years period are 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030. In this period, the dogs are observed to be carrying out their guard duty more dutifully. The dog zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 7pm to 9pm.



Chinese Horoscope 2019 says Dog natives will probably be full of energy and take active participation in a variety of pursuits. The year of the Pig is Vital for Chinese Dog. Particular opportunities can help you advance in your professional in addition to personal life. Make plans for long run this year to spot new measurements. You'll see so much as the loftiest aims within your reach. Bear in mind that to get something you never had, you will need to do something that you just did.

Love - Romantic

Love will arrive at the life of the sign of the Dog in mysterious ways and those who choose to follow a route alone will get a great refuge in loved ones and friends. The new friendships will be strengthened at the month of March and a few folks close will decide to go to other areas throughout the entire month of August, thus a excellent change in your social and emotional life is anticipated. The couple will be necessary for those who have a devotion, because throughout the year you'll have to face several processes that won't be entirely pleasant. Take advantage of the great energy that will be provided on your sign throughout the month of June to provide all of the positive that you take on your interior to the person you love. In the event you choose to go a step further and adopt a more formal commitment, the date suggested for this will be precisely between June and July. The months of April and May will be intense for those who do not have a partner, but not just the love will bring blessings to your life, since the family needs to take a more significant role in your course. The months of March to September will have to make a few additional efforts to find out more of your pals and spend quality time with your loved ones, however you'll achieve it if you learn how to level the job times well.

Finance - Money

The Pig brings in several opportunities for those born under the sign of the Dog to bring in wealth. Such riches can help you protect your financial protection in the long term. But do not feel disheartened if you can't grasp all opportunities that come your way. Take what you can obtain and operate with this. Do not look at all of the flowers you did not select instead focus on cultivating what you currently have in your backyard. This is a booming time and you should not be afraid to take any risks to guarantee your potential investments and financial gain. Pay close attention to the surroundings around you and how it can impact your budding investments.

Career - Work

Not just in love if you listen to those around you, since throughout 2019 teamwork will be your power and can help you to enhance every facet aspect of your lifetime. Remember that throughout the months of June and July you will receive very good news at the labour, perchance a salary increase or a promotion. The best date to conduct new company will be the months of April and May, while August and September will bill an essential value for those who choose to undertake a new project. Throughout that time you'll be more creative and also with multiple ideas hanging around your mind, so try to speak clearly and communicate your knowledge at every moment.


It is all about balance this year. Those born under the sign of the Dogs may find themselves slipping into one of two groups. They will either find themselves being too tense and unable to give up work, or they will fall too premature in a country where they are not motivated enough to push ahead. What is important is to find a balance. Learn how to schedule proper breaks in between work. Make sure that if you reward yourself, you deserve it. It's a fantastic idea to make a program and get it assessed by a third party. Hygiene practices are particularly significant this year. Make sure you always keep up appearances. It is a fantastic method to maintain effort.

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