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This is the ninth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Shenshi. This symbol represents people with commanding power, friendship qualities and dominating nature. It also represents people who are smart, curious and sharp. The monkey years for the 100 years period are 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028. In this period, the monkeys are seen to be livelier, that is, they play more vigorously. The monkey zodiac is also connected with Sunday and the hours around 3pm to 5pm.



According to the Monkey horoscope 2023 predictions, this will be a peaceful yet prosperous year for the sign's representatives. Since you will be willing to put in some effort, you can expect things to work out for the better. Additionally, people surrounding you will be happy to see that you're challenging yourself and progressing.

This is the year when determination, dedication, and hard work will pay off, so you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor finally. After being afraid to test your limits and abilities for such a long time, you will be glad to see that it was all worth it.
However, the Chinese horoscope 2023 predictions suggest that you will have to make some big changes in both your professional and personal life. This shouldn't intimidate you since such changes will only help you achieve a better balance between your work and family. You will give your attention to everyone fairly.

Love - Romantic

In 2023 love life will be everything but dull. Some might get carried away and fall for someone who doesn't have the same feelings, while others will be irresistible to many, but one thing is sure - in the Year of the Rabbit, Monkeys won't be lonely. Actually, some might even get married. Those who are already married will manage to improve their relationships and become even stronger as a couple. The love horoscope 2023 for the Monkey strongly advises all representatives of the sign to be open, honest, patient, and caring with their partners. Any acts of jealousy, distrust, and manipulative behavior could have a very negative impact on the relationship and lead to a breakup.

The Year of the Rabbit is also a suitable time for relocation. Married representatives of the sign might finally manage to move a bit further away from their parents, while those with children will start thinking about getting a more spacious home. The Monkey family horoscope 2023 claims there are no reasons to postpone the move, home improvements, or real estate purchases. Spouses will be able to unite over daily concerns and add a bit of romance to it all. Those who feel that their relationship could benefit from a change should travel to an exotic destination. However, it is important to mention that for any sort of improvement, both sides need to put in the same amount of effort; otherwise, it is all for nothing.

Finance - Money

The financial horoscope 2023 for the Monkey recommends paying close attention to all monetary transactions because otherwise, you will be spending faster than earning. Strive to avoid any debts, and do not borrow your hard-earned money. During the months of April and May, there is a good chance of a substantial additional income - but you will have to work hard for it. Summer months will bring new acquaintances and with them - risky deals, perhaps even illegal. Those prone to gambling might be tempted to accept the offer, but the Rabbit recommends saying no. Most likely, such sketchy activities could lead to financial losses and problems in the family.

Career - Work

According to the 2023 career horoscope, Monkeys will have to roll up their sleeves and work hard this year because nothing will fall from the sky to them. However, the progress and the results will be there. Entrepreneurs' focus on business might be shaken by some personal problems, which won't be solved so quickly. Those who are employees will have to show that they are able to deliver and be efficient and consistent at all times. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to go on vacation this year, but towards the end of the year, there will be some time to slow down and rest a bit. Those who are thinking about changing their job this year should first go through the necessary training and get the support of their loved ones. The patron of the year - the Rabbit, will be there to support those who are good team players. Being too controlling over others is never a good business strategy.


During the first months of 2023, Monkeys should be very careful about their health since they will be more prone to infections, injuries, fractures, and overall just poor health due to overworking. It is recommended that representatives of the sign take care of their musculoskeletal system by stretching regularly or doing yoga. Strength exercises will also be more than helpful. Spring months will bring allergic reactions, and those suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive tract could experience an aggravation of the symptoms. People who work a lot will be particularly sensitive. May is the ideal month to plan a getaway, according to the Monkey health horoscope 2023. Find a seaside resort where you will be able to fully relax and recharge your batteries.

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