Chinese Horoscope For Sign Monkey



This is the ninth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Shenshi. This symbol represents people with commanding power, friendship qualities and dominating nature. It also represents people who are smart, curious and sharp. The monkey years for the 100 years period are 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028. In this period, the monkeys are seen to be livelier, that is, they play more vigorously. The monkey zodiac is also connected with Sunday and the hours around 3pm to 5pm.



Chinese Animal Monkey occupies the ninth Position on the 12 Signal wheel of Chinese Zodiac. Blessed with out of the box thinking and outstanding learning skills, Monkey is a wise and smart being. Traits of these Chinese Monkey are imbibed from the individuals born in the Year of the Monkey. Monkeys have nimble characters and so are social animals. They love to travel in groups and enjoy being part of the society. Monkey natives are filled with zeal and invest their efforts in whatever they do. On the flip-side, as soon as they discover something boring, they immediately lose their interest in it. Monkey people have an innovative side . They are great at finding new things also.

Monkey natives are known to have a great sense of humor. They are great entertainers and become part of societal groups without making much work. Monkeys are adorable animals, who turn and twist things as per their convenience. From time to time, they behave in a selfish manner. Monkey natives have a tendency to have easily jealous in their relationships. Whatever they do out of fun is purely for fun and if they are seriously interested in something, they do not want interference of other people inside.

Love - Romantic

The Year of the Land Pig will likely be quite generous with the sign of the Monkey, because it is going to help him to spend more attention to exactly what he had been neglecting by prioritizing his aspirations. It will be a period of high concentration at work, however in love you should also make an effort not to drop any detail, since this will prevent disagreements with the few or together with members of your loved ones. The love won't be reserved only for those who arrive in 2019 using a solid relationship, because those that have a partner and they've faced complicated moments during 2018 will be fortified and will achieve important agreements where love may prevail above everything. Throughout the months of August and September you may be more receptive to the demands of your partner and that is going to assist the commitment to become more powerful as time goes on. When you have ended a relationship prior to the start of 2019, subsequently you will have the chance to enjoy a great deal more of the important people in your life, since you know, the Year of the Land Pig simulates the household union in every manner. The love of friends could also appear well aspected for the sign of the Monkey, being that the friends of many years that will become more powerful.

Finance - Money

This year of the Pig promises some positive financial outcomes. Those born under the sign of the Monkey may even find themselves income from several sources. But you must be careful as this money can easily be lost through negligence or carelessness. The Monkey should learn to maintain active interest in where the fiscal income is coming from and always be on alert for the next shift. It's also advisable to prevent risking spending your money as you're prone to do. Learn to save up for a rainy day or invest your money back into safe bets. You will be glad you did, come the end of the year.

Career - Work

The trust individual should be the most crucial point for the work year to be more prosperous in its entirety. Teamwork will be a good impulse to understand your own talents, but the work you do with no help is going to be the one which is really going to show you how great you've got to deliver. The most positive months for work will likely be those of August and September, in that time you might want to get considerably more and you will be prepared for this. In business it will be quite necessary that you trust your intuition and stop feeling defeated by minor failures, particularly during the first months of the year. The period of greatest success in finance will be between the months of May and July, that can help you generate the essential income to perform your personal endeavors, which will be successful before the conclusion of the year.


The tireless Monkey could nevertheless find themselves getting a bit worn out of the constant cheer and social gatherings the year of the Pig provides. It's important to pay attention to your endurance and physical wellbeing. Ensure that you get enough sleep and stay hydrated, which means you're prepared for the lively days ahead. Choose exercises which can help you slow down or gradually begin. Remember to stretch anything and attempt to avoid any extreme sports this year. You could be prone to being somewhat careless, and that means you need to avoid risky behaviour and save up your energy for special projects this year.

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