Chinese Horoscope For Sign Horse



This is the seventh Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Wushi. This symbol represents brave yet sensitive people who are overwhelmed easily. It also represents people who are active, energetic and animated. The horse years for the 100 years period are 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026. In this period, whenever the sun is at its highest peak and the other animals are seen to be lying down to rest, the horse stands more impressively. The horse zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 11am to 1pm.



Horse retains a good reputation in Chinese Astrology. It's famous for its unyielding spirit and reliability. The natives of Horse are talented, faithful, achievement-oriented, daring, free and imaginative. The preceding year- this year of dog - was great for a few horse natives while others confronted some drawbacks. The year of Pig 2019 brings fortune shining on you. You may experience stability and will soon be surrounded with great vibes. Romance will blossom, new chances promising potential growth will allow you to raise a lot of money. Relationships and partnerships may prosper. 2019 is a year of fiscal growth and business expansion for the individuals born in the year of Horse. Moreover, you will find an internal desire to reconnect with your roots and childhood memories. Throughout the year of Pig, you would love to work in a united team, and it would be simpler for you to discover a remedy to the problems both professional or private.

Love - Romantic

The love will bring great surprises for those that have a spouse and for those who do not own a relationship will see in the family a good refuge of growth and optimistic thinking, even though they won't be exempt from problems in the plane of friendship. Many will feel it is not worth the attempt to keep friendship bonds and they will be in error, since the second half of this year will demonstrate that the nearer the people that love you're the better the long run will be. Who will be in a relationship commencing the year they will be able to maintain a powerful and stable devotion throughout 2019, however not without needing to make the few feel comfortable again, giving a whole lot more priority to communicating. Through the first half of this year you will have the propensity to close your heart, not talk about what complicates youpersonally, but if you leave aside the stubbornness you will have a more open and understanding relationship during the next half of 2019. V Love won't be relegated just the family for whom you do not have a spouse, since within a new group of friends might be born something greater than a flirty friendship with a particular person. If that doesn't occur, you should take advantage of the time that you spend with your loved ones to learn valuable lessons about tolerance and understanding, something that you often absence, especially once you run out of patience.

Finance - Money

Your riches could possibly be reinforced if you work with different people in regards to making investments or beginning anything new. On the other hand, the Horse must be careful about watching the environment. Topical policies and changes in the world of economics may negatively influence your investments or finances. Do not be hasty in paying too, as trivial or home expenditures may raise this year. Budgeting your assets might help lessen expenditure and keep your bank accounts complete for a rainy day.

Career - Work

2019 won't be that period of sudden success that you expect, but it'll be a year to find new abilities in you and to learn that many times you need to keep silent and comply with specific indications in your office. It isn't characteristic of the indication to just do what you are told without a rationale, but through 2019 your dream will be more powerful than pride and for this interval it'll be good to follow that instinct. The best months for business will probably be March and April, at which time you may have all the confidence to take riskier options. To boost your finances and get that salary growth you expect, the weeks of October and November will be perfect, since by that time you will have accepted a new attitude towards labour and many will value it.


Those born in the year of the Horse are normally active and health conscious. This good health continues on in the beginning of the year. But, you may find yourself spending more time at home. This may lead to more minor injuries at home. Little issues regarding your health may crop up too. They will be small, but needs to be taken care of immediately to prevent them leading to more critical troubles. It's especially important that you have sufficient sleep and remain hydrated. As this year promises to be quite a hectic person, you must be vigilant about your well-being, even if you are in good health.

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