Chinese Horoscope For Sign Rabbit



This is the fourth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Maoshi. This symbol represents main characteristic as non-acceptance to changes and keeping stuck with old rules. It also represents people who are elegant, responsible, quiet and kind. The tiger years for the 100 years period are 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023. The rabbit zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 5am to 7am. In this period, the jade rabbit is often seen pounding the ground more fervently. And according to the tale the jade rabbit is busy pounding herbal medicine on the moon.



Rabbits, arm yourself with patience in 2021 because you will be forced to wait for different things. Many of you will be dealing with being late to deadlines. You should lean on yourself, not on other people. Prepare yourself for not so pleasant experiences related to the things that you would like to achieve. Keep doing the same things regarding your career field and don't change your direction because 2021 is not the ideal time for changing the business environment. The Rabbits who are in relationships or marriage could be having some misunderstandings with their partners. You mustn't stress about that too much because you need to pay attention to your health. Not such a promising year for most of you Rabbits.

Love - Romantic

In 2021, unfortunately, Rabbits will not achieve the things that they have been dreaming about. But, for those of you who are single, we have some promising news. Until the end of lunar April, you will be influenced by the power of peach blossom luck, and in that period, you could be experiencing nice things on your love field.
Maybe this is not the year when you will meet your soulmate, your lover for the rest of your life, but, no matter that, you could meet someone really interesting who can make you feel wonderful. A new person can appear in the least expected place. For the Rabbits who are not single, the advice is to pay additional attention to the communication with the partner.

Finance - Money

Nothing special regarding your financial field during this year for the ones born under the sign of Rabbit. You will not succeed nor will you fail. You will have more money than you had in 2020, but, you will not be completely satisfied with your financial situation. The money will come to you slowly, in smaller amounts.
You must be very careful when it comes to money investments, because, for some of you Rabbits, there is a chance for a huge financial loss. Be extra careful, and don't spend money on the things that you don't need. Stay away from gambling and lottery because this is not a year for that. Whenever you get some money, try to save a small amount.

Career - Work

Regarding the career field, there is a chance that some Rabbits will be facing some difficulties. You must pay attention to the things you are saying out loud when you are working because there is always somebody listening to you. Mind your business, don't talk too much, and try to avoid any conflicts with your superiors and with your colleagues.
The fact is that there will be many problems to be solved during this year, but, this is also a year when you will learn a bunch of new things and improve your professional knowledge. Keep with devoted and hard work, you are on the right way and you will experience the progress of your career in 2022. Be especially careful about legal questions.


Rabbits should pay additional attention to the condition of their body. Be careful and avoid sharp objects that could harm you.
Also, you should avoid drinking too much alcohol because your liver can be damaged from that. Minor health issues could occur to the older members of your family, so be there to help them if that happens.

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