Chinese Horoscope For Sign Rabbit



This is the fourth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Maoshi. This symbol represents main characteristic as non-acceptance to changes and keeping stuck with old rules. It also represents people who are elegant, responsible, quiet and kind. The tiger years for the 100 years period are 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023. The rabbit zodiac is also connected with Friday and the hours around 5am to 7am. In this period, the jade rabbit is often seen pounding the ground more fervently. And according to the tale the jade rabbit is busy pounding herbal medicine on the moon.



Typically, the people born in the year of rabbit do not lead a life full of ups and downs. They achieve a place of respect effortlessly and gradually live a life without any unpleasant surprises. The year of Pig is going to be better for the natives of Rabbit as compared to previous year. You want to work hard, stay calm, and conform to this circumstance. You will witness your finances growing, your career will look powerful, your family and friends will support you, and you will learn how to control yourself. Prevent disputes and stick to your thing in this phase. Do not indulge in something that could lead to a loss of riches. During excursions or trips, you want to be extra careful.

Love - Romantic

2019 is likely to be an excellent year in love for the sign of the Rabbit. Many will feel that a strong urge to develop into independent, but they will maintain the bond with the family and they will strengthen it in the center of this year. Others will continue to construct their relationship, but with some inconvenience during the first months of this year, all because of the desire to do this for you rather than accept assistance from people that love you. For those who have a Rabbit hint that are not in a dedication, it is suggested to create important decisions about the household. If you decide to select the flight through the year, it is much better to take action through the months of October to December, in that time those who do not own a spouse will find the courage to leave home and begin a life alone. Those in love with the signal is going to have a positive year concerning fire in solitude and dedication. During the next trimester complications may arise due to this lack of time and people that have a spouse will see their lifestyle somewhat hampered by the constant complaints of the loved one. It'll be essential to appreciate and deliver a part of your own time to the person who's always with you.

Finance - Money

While the Rabbit may feel empowered with the good fortune in the other areas of their life, they ought to approach matters of fund and cash carefully. This may not be a great time for you to make investments. Your income will flow in steadily and slowly do not believe that you need to hasten to bolster it. Avoid being overly reckless or reluctant. Instead, appreciate the riches and luck you currently have. Do not make guarantees on finances to others. Think about turning to others for advice on how to conserve money. People born in this year of the Snake can be good consultants.

Career - Work

The start of 2019 will be challenging for the sign of the Rabbit, since the month of February signifies a period of austerity and moderation in spending. The renewal you must do in your attitude toward your duties will be extremely necessary for 2019 to be prosperous at work. The months of August and September they signify a period of hard labour, but also of several gains, since during these months you will be more receptive and act with astuteness. The months of June and July is going to be perfect to recoup outdated ideas or projects that you had left because you did not have the money to make them come true. During these months fresh contracts and better opportunities for company will start to flow, since your intuition will likely probably be at its greatest point and you will need to make the most of the possibilities that it is going to give you.


Even though the Pig is prosperous for many areas of the Rabbit's life, it is cold water into the standard warmth that the Rabbit is used to. Therefore, the health of the Rabbit may be more delicate this year and you will need to be more diligent when it comes to health matters. Anxiety and psychological health would be the most crucial for you as it may impact your work life. Therefore, it is essential that the Rabbit finds other outlets to release stress and express themselves creatively. Be vigilant about your health, particularly about your diet. You may be more likely to restate in the year of the Pig so it is essential to be careful.

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