Chinese Horoscope For Sign Ox



This is the second Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Choushi. This sign represents people that have honesty, humbleness and candid as their characteristics. It also represents people who are diligent, determined, dependable and strong. The ox years for the 100 years period are 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021. In this period, oxen ruminate more, that is, they chew their cud more slowly and more comfortably. The ox zodiac is also connected with Saturday and the hours around 1am to 3am.



Based on Chinese Astrology, natives with Chinese Ox Zodiac are strong. Ox is regarded as the next creature of the Chinese Zodiac. They are rather self-confident and apparent of the goals. Getting powerful and balanced, Ox natives understand how to get back on their toes, even during tough times. If you're an Ox, you possess the qualities of persistence and endurance. You have the capacity to take heavy loads, increase mountains, and increase higher in lifestyle. You can protect those you enjoy from any type of catastrophe. Chinese Ox Predictions inform about how blessed Ox natives can get in the upcoming year 2019, and what aspects of their lives will change.

As far as your family and personal lifestyle is concerned, your love for the close ones would be to the surplus. You think that life is meaningless with friends and family. Ox natives assert the confidence of the partner and are cautious concerning the education of the kids. However, you're territorial, which makes you feel possessive and jealous sometimes. You are obviously a disciplinary character, faithful, and fair. You are conservative and respectful. Therefore, you might be not able to fantasize. However, absence of dream doesn't take away your imagination.

Love - Romantic

The characteristic timidity of the sign in the conquest should not be an impediment to give love one more opportunity. The family will bill an essential value in the middle of the year, so it is expected that any difficulty you've experienced with a member of your family will probably be solved as of that date. People who do not have a partner will achieve increased stability in their lives and are not going to feel loneliness as a burden, but as an chance to find what they really deserve. During the next half of 2019 that you will understand that your buddies are a terrific service and those who are not contributing something great to your course will proceed on their own. The love life of those who have a partner will be pleasant and sweet during the first half of the year, however with many chances to improve throughout the next period. It will be a year of business decisions and entrepreneurial jobs within the commitment, so a lot will make the decision to combine the finances to those of your partner and will do well.

Finance - Money

The Ox and the Pig will get along nicely with each other. As water is wealth and the Pig is linked to water, this year promises many opportunities for extra or additional income. The Ox must turn to their practical and strategic side in order to handle those opportunities. It's necessary to have a financial plan or the wealth will flow in fast and rush by without you being able to love it. This may be a stressful time for the Ox, should they exercise both caution and rationality. Be extra cautious with the folks that you opt to invite in to help handle your riches.

Career - Work

Leaving previously that lonely facet that many others see in you will be necessary for the work to be much more beneficial. During 2019 that the indication of the Ox should learn to be a team and not deny the fantastic options that might come up from a good working relationship with other individuals. The most positive month for finances will be February, which will allow you to start the year with a huge grin and hoping for the best for the long run. Through the months of May and July that you need to be cautious with speculative investments, because in that period you will probably be with your mind focused on other aspects of your life. The best month to create risky movements in the financial area will probably be October, because during this month you will be with your instinct much more careful and you will be able to sniff out the best investment opportunities.


The Ox is naturally blessed with great health, but the year of the Pig is only one requiring mandatory precautions. Small illnesses, cuts or changes to your diet may spiral to more severe health issues. Hence, you must keep a close watch on your health and not take some symptom or issue too lightly. Emotional health may also take effect as you're more sensitive to your environment. This year may test you with family conflicts or burdens. It's a fantastic idea to work towards communicating with your elders this year. You must pay special attention to regions of the stomach, throat and respiratory tract. It's a fantastic idea to start a diet or take up exercises.

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