Chinese Horoscope For Sign Ox



This is the second Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Choushi. This sign represents people that have honesty, humbleness and candid as their characteristics. It also represents people who are diligent, determined, dependable and strong. The ox years for the 100 years period are 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021. In this period, oxen ruminate more, that is, they chew their cud more slowly and more comfortably. The ox zodiac is also connected with Saturday and the hours around 1am to 3am.



The Ox horoscope 2023 predictions bring good news for all representatives of the sign - due to their commitment, they will finally manage to find balance in their lives. Everything will fall into place, which will help many remain confident and optimistic in 2023.

In the Year of the Black Water Rabbit, Ox natives will manage to use their potential to the fullest while pushing themselves to become better. Things are also looking good when it comes to love since many wards of the sign will finally understand how to relate to their partner and their emotions. The urge to pursue your passion and rely on your creativity will be stronger than ever in 2023.
However, the 2023 Chinese horoscope predictions warn that unless you change some things and decide to take the right path in life, luck will turn its back on you. Therefore, strive to remain true to yourself, and appreciate your family and the role they have in your life, and everything will work out for the better.

Love - Romantic

After a few troublesome years, it seems that the Oxen will finally have a prosperous period when it comes to their love life. Married people will have enough patience and kindness in their relationship with their loved ones, which will tighten their bond. Workaholics will manage to find a balance and spend more time with their families, making everyone in the household extremely happy. Relationships started this year could end up with a marriage, so this is a perfect time for getting the personal life in order and establishing a healthy base for the future. Those who are suffering in their current relationship should reconsider the future of that union. The good news is that those who decide to end things will be able to do so without hurting their partner or suffering too much.

The love horoscope 2023 for the Ox assures that there will be plenty of exciting opportunities for singles this year. During the summer, the chances are high for a short holiday romance - those will not evolve into something more serious but could bring many enjoyable moments and lovely memories. The autumn will be filled with flirting and communication with the opposite sex. It could happen that your neighbor, coworker, or someone else from your surroundings becomes your new object of passion. Married couples will be in a romantic mood, reminiscing their honeymoon days and wanting to relive that phase when everything was filled with love and affection.

Finance - Money

The money horoscope 2023 for the Ox claims this will be a financially very stable year with a decent income. Maybe some Oxen expected a bigger increase in income, but at least there won't be any financial issues. This is a suitable time to accumulate funds or make a significant purchase. Representatives of the sign will be able to afford to buy real estate, home improvements, and investments and even treat themselves and their families to an expensive holiday. Those working on big projects can expect its successful completion before the winter, followed by a substantial monetary award. Employees have a good chance of getting a bonus for doing their job responsibly and adequately.

Career - Work

Career prospects for the Ox in the Year of the Rabbit look good. Dedicated and conscious workers will be able to show their skills and talents and easily stand out from the rest of the competition, even when it comes to simple daily tasks. Leaders known for being tough and untouchable will be ready to change their approach and become more open and democratic in relationships with subordinates. There won't be an obstacle an Ox won't be able to overcome, and the Rabbit will protect them from the twists and turns of fate. Still, according to the career horoscope, 2023 wards of the sign shouldn't despair if something goes wrong but strive to rely on their methodological work. Close people and relatives will be there to help overcome difficulties if necessary.


The health horoscope 2023 for the Ox predicts an exceptionally healthy year for all representatives of the sign. Those who were exhausted by the work in the previous period will finally find some time to unwind and relax. Many Oxen will start doing sports and slowly but surely get used to having a bit of an active lifestyle. It is recommended to pay attention to the diet and to include more foods rich in vitamins. The Year of the Rabbit is the right time to give up all bad habits when it comes to lifestyle. By setting a good example, others will follow, so it will be easier to transition to a healthy lifestyle with the support of your close ones. Pay attention to the prevention of chronic diseases around the holiday season. Instead of picking a popular resort, Oxen should try finding different types of retreats for relaxing.

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