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This is the first Chinese sign in Chinese astrology; rat signifies the sign of rulers that describe exceptionally dominating, practical people who could be really dangerous and cruel. It is known in Chinese as Zishi. It also represents people who are quick witted, kind, resourceful and versatile. The rat years for the 100 years period are 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020. In this period, rats are more active than usual in seeking food, that is, they forage more actively. The rat zodiac is also connected with Thursday and the hours around 11 pm to 1 am. It is also commonly referred to as a sign of "new start".



In the Chinese New Year 2019, Rat natives have been expected to witness a period of transition and change. Remember your year is getting closer, as 2020 is actually the"Year of the metallic Rat". This Year of the Earth Pig gives you an opportunity to reflect on your past 12 years. It's time that you get rid of all the junk that has cluttered your own daily life. Only then can there be novelty on your lifetime. As you recover self-esteem and be more pragmatic this past year, you can arrange your leisure time. If you're a Rat native, who is anxious to restructure his life, you may have to wait until this year-end. 2019 may not end up being this beneficial for job key projects.

Year of the Earth Pig 2019 marks the end of a whole rotation cycle of the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Rat natives, therefore, will recognize that the need to modify their program. It's high time that you get ready to fight independently. You may turn your aspirations in reality. According to the Chinese Horoscope, 2019 can be a critical period for you.

You may require a little more time to get rid of pessimism or unwanted ideas. You may now figure out your priorities and then function based on prioritization from 2020. You're expected to be more ambitious during this year. Your main objective is to compensate for most of the lost time at any cost. Rat natives want to place all their energy and enthusiasm in accomplishing the best in their lives. Your desire to explore far much better prospects and reach new heights may meet in 2019. Simply speaking, there may be satisfaction of your needs of renovation.

Love - Romantic

In the area of love, the sign of the Rat should listen much more to people who have always encouraged him and not trust in the brand new friendships that will come from the next quarter. It's very important that individuals who want to keep a stable relationship understand the small attention or time they have devoted to the dedication and choose to modify things. Boost in certain facets and soften your bad personality will be totally necessary for people who have a spouse. The second of error has passed and now you need to concentrate on bringing much more safety to the dedication, especially from the third quarter, in which time you can favor only the financial accomplishments and not the love that the loved one provides you. The inner conflicts with which you may start the year will make you desist from the concept of forming a bond that is loving , but the Pig of Earth will benefit you by providing you clarity and allowing you to look well to people around you. P ara who does not have any spouse, filial love will probably be indispensable during the first half of the year, and that means you have to return what they have given you the exact same way during the second half of 2019, in which time you will be in better shape.

Finance - Money

Though your prosperity is reasonable this year, avoid becoming too attached to some wealth or even seeking more. Money may probably come, but as soon as you let it undergo some risky investment or reckless endeavour, you will never see it return again. You must be careful with your riches since you may want to spend more about your wellbeing and other expenses this year. Always ensure you have a healthy balance in your own bank account for crises. Do not take anything too valuable with you when you're outside. Make sure you thoroughly research all probable investments prior to making any decision. Remember the'haste makes waste'.

Career - Work

Concentrate your energies to the current and plan a few critical facets of the long run you need will be a must if you would like to succeed. The mistakes of the past have helped you to understand and now is the opportunity to place that knowledge to practice. Do not forget how much you've worked, don't miss opportunities as you don't know how to truly proceed. The benefits for your effort will come during the weeks of April and May, in which time you will be a lot happier for the advantages attained. Pig signal will encourage you to spend more during the weeks of July and August, but you will observe real and substantial profits in the middle of October. The best months for business will probably be precisely between September and November, which can require you to end the year with a large smile.


Wellness is the only area where Rats may face a hardship this year. For Rats created in the year of the water Rat (1912 and 1972), be extra cautious concerning your bladder, kidney and lymph system. Remain hydrated and prevent damp or wet locations. Be especially careful during the first half of the year as your health is significantly more sensitive and you may be more prone to small illnesses. Do not over-strain or drive yourself too much, and make sure you stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol as your tolerance has diminished and you might be prone to emotional conflict if you are not in the right mindset. Make sure you contact nature through daily walks or slow jogging.

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