Chinese Horoscope For Sign Rat



This is the first Chinese sign in Chinese astrology; rat signifies the sign of rulers that describe exceptionally dominating, practical people who could be really dangerous and cruel. It is known in Chinese as Zishi. It also represents people who are quick witted, kind, resourceful and versatile. The rat years for the 100 years period are 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020. In this period, rats are more active than usual in seeking food, that is, they forage more actively. The rat zodiac is also connected with Thursday and the hours around 11 pm to 1 am. It is also commonly referred to as a sign of "new start".



Most of the ones born under the sign of Rat should prepare themselves for different challenges in their professional field in 2021. New work tasks, new assignments, new responsibilities, and new challenges during the whole of 2021 for most of Rats. But, that is something that won't be hard for you, giving that it is in your nature to accept new challenges. By overcoming all these new challenges successfully, you will get the acknowledgment that you deserve. Some of you will get a higher salary, some of you job promotion, but most of you will get both. Many of you have done a good job by saving some money in the past and you are going to use that saved money pretty well in 2021. You will enjoy harmonized relations with your friends and family and with your loving ones.

Love - Romantic

The ones born under the sign of Rat don't have to worry about their love field in 2021. On the contrary, you can all relax and enjoy wonderful moments with your partner. The ones who are married will be blessed with harmony, and the ones who are still single will have interesting experiences. In 2021, you will be very popular, you will attract partners like a magnet. Whoever looks at you will sense your sexual magnetism.

Although this is not the period when the single Rats will meet the love of their lives, they should feel free to enjoy these flirts and flings with the opposite sex. Most of you Rats will have some short relationships, but, a small number of you have the chance to meet "the one". So, be at your best all the time, you don't know where you can meet your soulmate. Pay attention to the people you are meeting at work, maybe someone interesting is hiding there. All of you who are married, just avoid the temptations that may occur during the year. Respect your partner, show your partner love and understanding. All in all, a good year for most of Rats, full of love.

Finance - Money

For most of you born under the sign of Rat, this is a year of financial abundance without any money-related worries. Your wallet is going to be full during the year and you will be able to afford everything that you want.
It is ok to invest in something because investments will pay off. But, no matter that your financial situation is excellent, try not to overspend money on some unnecessary things. Rats should trust their instincts and enjoy this financial security.

Career - Work

So many good things will happen to Rats related to the professional aspect of their life. There is a chance that some of you will get a new job- related offers. Feel free to listen to your instincts. If you feel that changing your work environment is going to bring you good things, then go with the flow.
Many of you will achieve job promotion, even dough you didn't give your best. No matter what it is that you are doing for a living, you will be experiencing really good changes. A wonderful year for your career.


Rats don't have anything to worry about when it comes to health. Minor health issues such as fever, flu, a headache, or something similar can occur from time to time, but, nothing too big. The only important thing is that you keep paying attention to your immune system so you could overcome all of these small issues fast.

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