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This is the fifth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Chenshi. This symbol represents mentally and spiritually tough people that have great intellect. It also represents people who are intelligent, enthusiastic and confident. The dragon years for the 100 years period are 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. In this period, dragons are said to be seen hovering the sky in order to give rain (the morning mists, particularly coils around hills which made people think of dragon). The dragon zodiac is also connected with Tuesday and the hours around 7am to 9am.



In the Year of the Black Water Rabbit, Dragon natives will be extremely lucky. According to Dragon horoscope 2023 predictions, this year will bring improvement in finances as well as many other good things, which is something Dragons should appreciate.

Dragons will get a better understanding of what they want and how to work towards achieving those goals. Therefore, it is crucial to stay open to challenges and take advantage of opportunities coming your way because they won't be repeating - so don't waste a single shot. Strive to surround yourself with people who help you be the best version of yourself.
Based on horoscope predictions for 2023, Dragon natives can look forward to a blissful period of happiness, which is why they should relax and enjoy their life to the fullest. Don't make impulsive decisions, and strive to remain on the right path in life. Get rid of those people and things that hinder your growth.

Love - Romantic

According to the love horoscope 2023, Dragons will go through a change of perspective when it comes to relationships. Some wards of the sign will become more aware of their emotions, becoming softer and more sensitive. Many will finally see the bigger picture, understand other people's actions, and behave more tolerantly. The patron of the Year, the Rabbit, will help Dragons seek compromises instead of trying to command everyone. Without a doubt, this will have a very positive effect on relationships. Those couples who go on a summer vacation will spend some lovely romantic moments together. Singles will be very attractive, but there won't be any successful summer romances in sight. The chance of meeting true love is higher in the autumn.

Those who are in a happy relationship will get a necessary push from the Rabbit to make some decisions - either getting married, having children, or just ending relationships that have been falling apart for a while. The patron of the year appreciates family and home comfort, which is why he will contribute to things like the reconciliation of spouses or home purchases. However, not everything is going to be ideal. The Dragon horoscope 2023 brings some risky temptations in August or September - meeting an old love, flirting at work, or serving revenge on your partner. To avoid making any costly mistakes, Dragons should distract themselves by working on some home repairs, helping elderly parents, or just communicating more with children.

Finance - Money

According to the money horoscope 2023 for the Dragons, the financial situation will mostly depend on their ability to control their spendings. Income will be stable, with a good chance of some passive income or investments. However, a big obstacle on the way to achieving their material goals will be the Dragons themselves, that is, their passionate and addictive nature. Finding a new love or being stuck in a highly emotional conflict could distract Dragons from reality so much that they forget and neglect their financial aspirations. That's why the horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit advises Dragons to avoid making any big financial transactions. One exception might be household-related purchases, at least those for which the money was already set aside. With everything else, it is better to wait or hand over the control to someone else.

Career - Work

The Year of the Rabbit will be a successful one for Dragons when it comes to business. Those who worked hard and a lot in the previous period can expect to finally enjoy the fruits of their labor in the form of a new, higher position, an increase in income, or the start of a new business venture. But there is a catch - you might have to work under different conditions and by following new methods. The change of circumstances will force Dragons to become more diplomatic and think outside the box to solve some problems. The career horoscope 2023 for Dragons advises striving to control emotions at all times; otherwise, there will be constant conflicts. On the other hand, those wards of the sign who are talkative and friendly will manage to expand their network of contacts and find new partners or employees.


When it comes to health, the Dragon horoscope in the Year of the Rabbit looks very good. The patron of the year will bring many health benefits and fewer overtime hours, so Dragons can allow themselves to relax fully. Maybe even go to a resort twice this year. Why not? It will boost productivity and keep you away from any signs of burnout. Spring months will be a bit tense, so you'll need to recharge and restart. To get rid of excess stress, try any form of physical activity, from running to cycling or swimming. Practicing yoga at home could also be very beneficial. During the first quarter of the year, some might be prone to vitamin deficiency, so adding some supplements and more plant foods into your diet is recommended.

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