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This is the fifth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Chenshi. This symbol represents mentally and spiritually tough people that have great intellect. It also represents people who are intelligent, enthusiastic and confident. The dragon years for the 100 years period are 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. In this period, dragons are said to be seen hovering the sky in order to give rain (the morning mists, particularly coils around hills which made people think of dragon). The dragon zodiac is also connected with Tuesday and the hours around 7am to 9am.



From the Chinese New Year 2019, Dragon natives will come out of the negative mist which surrounded them every year and stroll towards the bright route! Big changes can be anticipated on the job front. The Year of the Earth Pig is the lucky opportunity to turn the tables and also make decent use of your charm. Anxiety, anxiety, and tension that encompassed the Chinese Dragon through the Year of the Chinese Dog may probably dissipate into nothingness, bringing into a bright light into your life leading how to clear blue skies for the Chinese Dragon. Chinese New Year 2019 beckons the Dragon to make significant decisions, while it's vengeance that he attempts or forgiveness is what his spirit needs. Getting closed from last year is advised to proceed with life.

2019 will open new gates to you. You will be blessed with a fantastic luck , greeting you on your own and workout. In terms of your wellbeing, you need to tread carefully, as moderate wellness issues are called. The Year of the Pig also contributes to fantastic challenges to the Dragons, that will challenge their intelligence and experience in their respective fields.

Love - Romantic

The initial months of the year will be somewhat complicated for family relationships and for those who have a spouse. It'll be a period of personal and expert discovery, which means you will be inclined to concentrate just on your own problems or that which interests you. It's very important that you devote time to those that you love, since, otherwise, the next half of the year won't be as positive as it looks. The indication of the Dragon has to learn to level his occasions and deliver a good deal of himself, especially for those who have a spouse, since during the year there'll be some discussions due to lack of focus and romanticism. The next half of 2019 will be quite positive in love, but it won't happen by itself, as you'll have to do your own part and also fall in love with the man who accompanies you. Family love is going to be of wonderful significance during 2019, since the Land Pig favours the fundamental nucleus and filial love in every manner. Although you don't characterize yourself for being a very affectionate person, you'll have the ability to demonstrate your feelings. Those of us who don't have a spouse they'll be greatly benefited from the love and dedication of important folks within the family, who will function as a group of strong protection from all types of energy.

Finance - Money

This year, the majority of the Dragon's bundles will come from their careers. The Pig also blesses the Dragon with fortune in their wealth and bank account. But you shouldn't input anything blindly. By today, the Dragon must realise they can simply rely on their own intellect, knowledge and better judgement. It is possible to employ others like the Horse or Pig to assist you in monetary investments, but you should always take great precaution when inviting others. This year, you may be required to travel more often. Concentrate on reorganisation or improving accountancy methods to your financials.

Career - Work

Use all your professional knowledge through the year to contour your own way. Do not pretend ignorance because of anxiety about not expressing what you know, you need to demonstrate that you are a professional who knows what he does and you must have confidence in your talent. The months of March and April is going to be ideal to discover a new job, as the Land Pig will give you more assurance and stability during that period. Businesses will likely be favoured during the weeks of July and August and it is anticipated for the month of September you will end up smiling due to the gains the Land Pig will favour on your sign. The energy you need to carry out a new job or change your profession will be far more current during the weeks of October and November, so during that date you have to make important decisions.


Like most other signs belonging to the part of earth, the Dragon will have to maintain watch over their health this year. There's a fantastic chance that your health won't give you any trouble, but only in case you keep current with your physician's appointments and don't brush off little ailments. You also need to be cautious about your own temperament. Do not allow yourself to be attracted into conflicts or conflicts. Locating a positive outlet or hobby to allow out your anxiety and frustration without hurting yourself or others is advised that this year. This can be a busy year for you as well, so ensure you take adequate breaks and rest where needed.

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