Chinese Horoscope For Sign Dragon



This is the fifth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Chenshi. This symbol represents mentally and spiritually tough people that have great intellect. It also represents people who are intelligent, enthusiastic and confident. The dragon years for the 100 years period are 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. In this period, dragons are said to be seen hovering the sky in order to give rain (the morning mists, particularly coils around hills which made people think of dragon). The dragon zodiac is also connected with Tuesday and the hours around 7am to 9am.



The Dragon is known for your strong constitution and powerful personality. You don't suffer fools, and like to be the one in charge. But during the year of the earth Dog, you're often asked to share power with people, which doesn't sit well with you.

Part of the adjustment may be in learning to work with others, from your personal relationships, and in love, to your working life, and in your family. Going with the flow may not be words you're used to hearing, but they work out well for you this year.

The more you can learn to let go of what doesn't really serve you and join with others to ensure the benefit of all, the happier and more relaxed you feel. Still, you may choose to resist sometimes and these, too, have lessons to convey. It may not normally be in your nature to take your time. But the energy of the earth Dog doesn't ask, it demands.

Love - Romantic

Your sign of the Dragon loves drama when it comes to love and romance. You can put up with a lot more than other signs, and love the grand gesture, the fights leading up to makeup sex, and even the wondering if you'll stay together.

Single Dragons during the year of the earth Dog, however, are asked to think about what they'd need in order to settle down. It's a slower year overall, so you may find that you're dating a little less, but meeting a better quality of a person. Whatever the case, you're a little more of a homebody this year, too, so get ready for some serious Netflix and Chill.

Those already coupled up have a chance to reconnect romantically over moonlight walks and intimate dinners around May, June, and July; when sparks fly between you all over again. Group outings prove fun and beneficial for all, particularly during the summer months. You may even find that you can match up some of your unattached friends with other singles you know. As romance blossoms, think about where you're going together. No need to have unrealistic expectations, but it's fun to wonder.

Are you ready for a big step toward the end of the year? Because that's where you're headed. Every day you spend together is such a gift that you're thanking your lucky stars you have someone so precious in your life. When times are tough, you have each other's back like no one else. Rebounding from any setbacks is only a chat away.

Finance - Money

During the year of the earth Dog, every sign has the chance to seriously increase their cash flow. But since the Dragon energy sometimes moves too quickly and decisively for the Dog, it's best to learn the rules of the road before making any hasty moves with your cash.

Learning to listen to those with more expertise may be one of the most important lessons you learn all year, Dragon, as your future very much depends on it. Reading up on investing, meeting up with an advisor and deferring to a partner who's been through this before are a few ways you deepen your understanding of your wealth this year.

If you're patient at work, you could also find that your salary increases enough to splash out occasionally on the type of new toys you love. Enjoy watching your wealth increase as you have fun doing what you love best.

Career - Work

You can be a little short-tempered, Dragon, when your work isn't noticed the way you want it to be. One of the more troubling parts of this year of the earth Dog for you may be watching less talented and experienced people get promoted up the ladder before you. Rather than becoming angry or depressed, though, it's time to hatch a plan to get where you want to be in your career.

If you have your sights on a corner office, or a better title, use the time around the solar eclipse of August 11 to show what you're made of. Though it's not always easy for your sign, revealing that you can work in a group will also help make the case that you're an invaluable asset to any company. Think of it as forming alliances with the best and the brightest at work, and you'll be halfway to a better position.

For those seeking a new job, stick with it. Though you may face some challenges early in the year, the time between mid-summer and the end of fall prove to be the sweet spot, where you can highlight your skills, and find yourself in more demand. Don't give up when you're this close to what you want!


Last year, Dragon, you nearly burned yourself out trying to do too much with too few resources. This year, as the earth Dog energy takes over, you may find that your body needs more rest than you're used to. It doesn't mean anything's wrong, but learning to listen to what it's saying has great benefits for you.

Fitness becomes a big concern around the solar eclipse of July 12, when you could overdo it if you're not careful. Slow and measurable progress toward your goals greater strength, flexibility, and wellness is always better than faster results that come with illnesses or injuries.

Your diet also undergoes some change, as you try to incorporate more plant-based foods. Taking the earth element into your body this way makes you feel stronger and more supported daily. Dialoguing with your body provides so much useful information to ensure your long-term health and longevity.