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This is the tenth Chinese zodiac in Chinese astrology. It is known in Chinese as Youshi. This symbol represents impulsively attention seeking people. It also represents people who are hardworking, courageous and observant. The rooster years for the 100 years period are 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029. In this period, roosters are seen returning to their coops before sunset. The sheep zodiac is also connected with Monday and the hours around 5pm to 7pm.



2023 will be the year of ups and downs for Rooster natives, according to the Rooster horoscope 2023 predictions. Some things will go exactly according to the plan, while others will be more challenging. Overall, those born in the sign of the Rooster should be prepared for anything that life throws in their way, be it negative or positive.

In the Chinese Zodiac, Rooster is the 10th sign. This year, many things will be happening in the lives of Roosters, which is why they might feel overwhelmed from time to time. Working on relationships with other people should be one of the goals for 2023, which is something Roosters are not really fond of since they enjoy being on their own.
Chinese Horoscope for 2023 also reveals that good fortune will be on the side of the Roosters as long as they keep doing the right things. Following the right path in life, as well as nurturing relationships with friends and family, will be crucial. This year will challenge Roosters to become the best version of themselves.

Love - Romantic

The love horoscope 2023 for the Rooster doesn't bring much good news for the start of the year. Around March, many Roosters will notice that there's something wrong with their relationship. However, feeling guilty won't solve anything, but acknowledging your part in negative changes. Perhaps your partner is not showing enough attention, or you both just need a vacation to sort things out. At the same time, singles will try to make new acquaintances in every possible way. The star patron guarantees that the great love you're searching for is close. You just have to look carefully to notice it. Those Roosters who start a relationship or a marriage in the Year of the Rabbit will be happy with their choice and won't regret it. However, if the feelings are no longer there, there is no point in staying in that relationship.

The horoscope for the Rooster for the Year of the Rabbit suggests that summer will be heated with many delusional battles in which the Rooster will mostly win. Such showdowns might even happen during a vacation, but it is better to resolve things then than never. Many misunderstandings and longstanding conflicts will be resolved, leaving the air clean and making room for nothing but genuine warm feelings. Roosters shouldn't withdraw into themselves and accumulate negative thoughts because the relationship can't grow that way. During the autumn of 2023, the Rabbit will put Roosters in front of a choice, and they will have to decide whether they'll continue to love unrequitedly, sacrifice their goals, or move on and search for an equal partner to build a union. Single Roosters will be getting ready for some exciting meetings, but they should be careful because relationships with unemployed people are not looking promising.

Finance - Money

During the reign of the Rabbit, the financial situation will be pretty stable for Roosters. Still, the Rooster money horoscope 2023 suggests a high budget control and avoiding any money lent, especially larger amounts. There is a risk that the borrowed money won't be returned or the interest fee will be too high. Spring months won't bring a significant increase in income, and Roosters should keep their money in their bank account - they might need it to spend in the summer on improving their health and skills or on vacation. In the Year of the Rabbit, some sign representatives might decide to do some home repairs or purchase a vehicle.

Career - Work

From the start of 2023, Roosters will be busy. The career horoscope 2023 for Rooster shows that there will be a few minor troubles that will cost them precious time. Some Roosters will be in a situation where they have to delegate some tasks or search for an assistant. However, unless they establish strict control, the results won't be satisfying. As the summer months approach, multitasking will bring many Roosters to the limit, testing their nerves and patience. However, after that period, Roosters can finally enjoy a peaceful time, recharge, and regain their strength. The Year of the Rabbit is not the right time to be lazy, so even when on vacation, you should try to study, learn new skills, or make some business connections. The horoscope for 2023 also recommends keeping everything in order, especially regarding documentation and accounting reports.


The health horoscope 2023 for the Rooster doesn't show any troubles when it comes to the well–being of people born in this sign. However, Roosters should still work hard to maintain their good physique and spirits. The Rabbit advises that colds shouldn't be ignored and all viral diseases should be treated promptly. Keep controlling the blood pressure. During the spring, hard work and insufficient intake of vitamins could weaken the immune system of many Roosters, exacerbating chronic diseases. To combat that, ensure you get enough sleep and establish a healthy routine. Avoiding sweets and fried foods, as well as practicing sports, walking, and spending more time in nature and outside of the city, will be beneficial for Roosters.

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