Leo Compatibility With Aquarius


After Leo and Aquarius unite together in a love match, the merging of Aquarian foresight and Leo creativity causes individuals to take notice. This partnership is lively and unstoppable, and although occasional competitions may occur, there is never a dull moment for both of these. Their Signs have been congenial and have a good relationship. Both are to be idealistic and highly motivated. Both are drawn to all things novel, and therefore are thrill-seekers; they might even sometimes turn life into a giant game of Truth or Dare.

Most Leo-Aquarius relationships thrive on unending mutual appreciation. Leo admires the individualism, vision and innovative features of Aquarius. In turn, Aquarius admires the Lion's zeal, charm and dignity - Aquarians always have new ideas, however they do not always possess the drive to create those thoughts real as Leo does. Both Signs pride themselves on their liberty, but conflicts may appear if Leo appears too demanding or Aquarius looks too aloof. Both spouses should respect differences of view in another. Leo could be too dramatic for Aquarius' taste, but Aquarius in turn might be too unsteady for their Leo counterpart. If they communicate with one another the value of the relationship, what'll be okay.

Leo is ruled by The Sun and Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus. These Planets form a type of cycle reminiscent of their Leo-Aquarius relationship and also their capacity to come together to create new institutions. Uranus is the Planet of new thoughts and creativity; it is from this Planet that Aquarius has its great eyesight. Then The Sun gives life and an identity to their collective thoughts. Finally Saturn keeps the process likely to completion, following up following Uranus's inspiration was drained and The Sun's energy moves on to new things.

Leo is a Fire Sign and Aquarius is an Air Sign. Air fuels Fire also keeps it moving; Aquarius cannot just keep pace with the movement and fireball of energy that's Leo, but can add exceptional effects. They can soar to amazing heights together. Aquarius is able to use intelligence to inspire Leo's ambition and feed them new thoughts to put into practice - that they are extremely arousing to Leo. Collectively both feed a process of reciprocal personal growth and advancement. Both Signs have a multitude of interests, and Leo's need to be first leaves them longer than delighted to carry out the thoughts of their more pulled Aquarius.

Leo and Aquarius are both Fixed Signs. Leo gives Aquarius the guts to charge ahead and take action, as opposed to just sitting in the lab inventing thoughts. Aquarius's originality can impress Leo, because of their distinctive vision. They are both loyal and extremely devoted to one another, and if they know they don't automatically have to be accountable all the timethey can succeed side by side.

What's the best aspect of the Leo-Aquarius relationship? It is their capacity to make magic when they're together. Frozen Fire and Fixed Air cover all the bases - these spouses get an idea, plan how to put it into activity and get the ball rolling and see it through to completion. This cycle makes theirs a love match of eyesight as well as practice.

While Leo shines, Aquarius likes everything shiny. The need Leo must show off may be somewhat disturbed by Aquarius' tendency to reveal what others do not need to see. From a different perspective, this should help Leo feel free and confident, although it may not seem so at first. They will both like to show off, each in their own manner, and it's simply critical to allow them to place the land for both spouses to be expressed. Just like the Sun and also the lightning do not go Aquarius should take more on a rainy afternoon, in a depressive crowd or in areas where they both feel as though they'd drown. This is where Leo needs to give in and allow their partner rule the skies if they're planning to keep the relationship moving. There will be enough regular, glistening chances and times without the clouds for Leo to ruleout

Signs of Leo and Aquarius united represent the best creativity, famous scientific discoveries, the very first man in a plane and also the first person on the Moon. Imagine what these partners can do together if they allow each other lead the way when the land of their rule would be in front of those. They both need to learn how to forego the picture they have about themselves and about one another, or else they will not get very much stuck inside their unnecessary ego battle. Cold and warm, hearted and smart, nuclear gravitation and vacuum in area, it cannot be easy to fix their differences or shape a secure, loving relationship. The very best thing they can do is find a cause they'll support together. This would give them an eye on the outside world and allow them to highlight the inner psychological world of their relationship while fighting outside of it.