Aquarius Compatibility With Scorpio


When Scorpio and Aquarius create a love match, it is a fusion of two very different life philosophies and lots of very different demands. There's a lot of opportunity for friction . Where Scorpio faces their inner emotional world directly and having an intense vitality, thinking deeply about the more hidden undercurrents of life, Aquarius takes that identical type of energy and turns out it out. Using their unconventional, idealistic and, above all else, very social outlook on life, Aquarius seems an odd choice for the more introverted Scorpio. Aquarius wants a crowd to feel aroused, and they are always looking around the area for the upcoming interesting person to get to know. Scorpio, on the other hand, wants engaging, probing and incredibly intimate time with their romantic mates. This pair may appear to possess little in common, but they both have such strong wills that, when focused on their relationship, may get them what they need and want.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius can be stubborn and opinionated: They like things to move their way, no questions asked! For this love match, though,'their manners' are extremely dissimilar. Scorpio is inquisitive, digging deep into the hidden meaning of things, always asking questions and trying to know where things are going and why. Aquarius is progressive and affable yet does not like detail. Scorpio might be enticed by their differences, as Aquarius shows them new, external worlds but may end up frustrated trying to get answers from the eccentric enigma. Aquarius does not welcome possessiveness, possibly, preferring to appeal into the planet instead of one person. However a leaky Scorpion can be fiercely possessive, and they require more attention than an Aquarian might be able to give. In case Aquarius slows right down and pays attention, they might find the dedication Scorpio supplies to be a wonderful support.

The Planets Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, and also the Planets Saturn and Uranus ruler Aquarius. Mars is a groundbreaking, aggressive and spirited manly energy, and Pluto enlightens these instincts and provides a rebirthing, cyclical quality. Saturn is a cool, comprised energy, and Uranus is all things different and unusual. Mars is emotional, reacting without thinking things through; such is the nature of Scorpio. Saturn demands of Aquarius much hard work and field, while Uranus provides them that forward thinking thoughts. A gentle Scorpio lover, attentive to not tether an Aquarius in too closely can teach their mate about a lifetime based on emotional intuition, one which quiets the intellect occasionally in favour of physical feeling. Understanding Aquarians can teach their acute Scorpio partners to calm down, to detach themselves in uncontrollable scenarios and also to reevaluate their targets should they get off track.

Scorpio is a Water Sign, and Aquarius is an Air Sign. Air is about the intellect, therefore Aquarius tackles lifetime as one opportunity to raise and explore after another, while Scorpio is more analytical. Scorpio looks for purpose, and Aquarius repeats stimulation. These love partners have difficulty understanding one another's source of thought. Confrontations arise is Scorpio's possessiveness gets the better of them or if Aquarius seems too cool and flippant and denies Scorpio emotional reassurance. Both need to learn that they see the world in various ways and they need to observe and laugh at their differences.

Scorpio and Aquarius are both Fixed Signs. Both may be unyielding, dogmatic and persevering. Should they have a strategy, they will stick to it until their efforts are rewarded. When they've made up their minds that they are great partners for one another, they will not ever be discouraged by keeping the relationship. However they've such contradictory approaches to life that their relationship makes more difficult than it is pleasurable. Should they believe in the worth of the relationship, they will be able to overcome differences.

What's the very best thing about the Scorpio-Aquarius relationship? Their capability for success in their synergy. Both Signs have quite strong characters, therefore neither will openly dominate the other. When they can appreciate their differences, develop and agree on their unique functions within the relationship, the outcomes can be profoundly gratifying.

For as long as they remain out of the self battle, they can discover lots of things to do with them. They will both like to take risks of any kind and their very best date may be anything from parachute jump to a night outside in a casinogame. The very easiest way to allow them to devote some quality time together is always in some kind of intellectual pursuits and competitions, since this would permit them to manifest their possible hostility in a healthy manner.

Someone might say that this can be a karmic relationship, that these partners were enemies in one of the prior lives and that they might battle until one of them drops dead. This could be somewhat extreme though. The reality is, Scorpio is the sign of both Uranus' exaltation and therefore, it loves Aquarius in a manner. Generally, Scorpio spouse will reveal their affection obsessively, but this might actually feel great for Aquarius. When we examine the sign of Aquarius, we'll see that it exalts Neptune, the ruler of a Water sign of Pisces, and all of our assumptions on their lack of emotionality will drown in their ultimate love.
The truth is they are both in a way outcasts and rebels. While Scorpio represents all of our emotions we do not want to deal with, Aquarius represents the means of thinking most of us aren't ready for. It's best to look at them as announcers of change, for this is precisely what they may bring into one another's lives.