Gemini Horoscope 2022


MAY 21 - JUN 20

Gemini Profile

Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Green
Key Body Part: Arms, Shoulders, Lungs
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Horse
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Cross/Quality: Mutable
House Ruled: Third
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
Lucky Gem: Agate

The main keyword for thus dual sign is versatility. The Gemini presents themselves in two different types of personality; quick-witted and expressive, and you can never be sure with which one you are going to meet face-to-face. On one hand, the Gemini can be flirtatious, communicative, outgoing and ready for fun, fun, fun. However, when the other twin is present, you can find this air sign serious, restless, contemplative and even indecisive. Both of the twins are capable of adapting to life’s circumstances well, making them excellent people to know. Things are never boring when a Gemini is on the scene.

Celebrity Twins: Lenny Kravitz, Jewell, Elizabeth Hurley, Paul Lynde, Ashley Olsen, Tom Jones, Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West, Marilyn Monroe, Wynonna Judd, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Harp, Stevie Nicks, Donald Trump, Morgan Freeman, Drew Carey, Mary Kate, Suze Orman, Paula Abdul, Kanye West, Michael J Fox, Waylon Jennings, Jeffrey Dahmer, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell , Lionel Richie, Dean Martin.

Best compatible with: Aquarius, Libra

Gemini Traits

adjustable, imaginative, energetic, clever, witty


superficial, indecisive, restless, impulsive


using their imagination, conversations, people with a sense of humor, solving problems


being pinned down, growing old, being bored, people who are set in their ways


Yearly Horoscope 2022

The beginning of the year 2022 would not be such an easy period for all of you guys who are born in the sign of Gemini. Some of you may have to solve some important problems. From the second quarter of the year, you will be forced to take some important actions instead to relax and enjoy. But it is a great thing to know that the planets are predicting that from the middle of the year all your actions will materialize into something good and positive. So, we can say that your hard work will pay off. Also, in that period, you can expect some shocking news. The year 2022 is the year when you need to invest 100 percent of your strength.

Love - Romantic

In the first quarter of 2022, many of you may have some challenges in your love life. Mars is going to create some problems in your relationship or your marriage. But, don't worry, Mars will leave from the second quarter of the year, and then Venus will appear. Venus is going to bring you romance, love, and a completely new way of looking at love. Finally, you will be able to enjoy real love and wonderful love experiences. Planets are advising you to spend additional time talking with your partner and being completely honest if you want to keep your love life satisfying. Don't keep your feelings inside of you because if you keep them to yourself, they are going to become even bigger. Planets are advising you to share every single detail that is torturing you with your partner. Talk about the problems with your partner, and also, listen to your partner's needs.

Finance - Money

In 2022 many of you will have a lot of ideas for earning additional money. But, not only that you will be having a lot of ideas, but you will also have actual chances to materialize those ideas. Use your intuition and your bright mind and cash those ideas. If you spend enough time working hard, you will have the chance to double your money income. So, yes, you will earn more than enough this year, but, you will also search for different ways to use that earned money. If you find something interesting, feel free to invest your money. But, if you are not so sure whether you should invest or not, then, save that money for the following year.

Career - Work

When it comes to your professional life, you can expect different situations during the year 2022. From the beginning of the year, you need to put in some extra effort. And during the whole year, there is the possibility that you will be experiencing some smaller problems. Saturn, which is going to be placed in your eighth house, will bring strong and dangerous competition. That is why you need to work as much as you can to keep your job position. But, good things will start happening from the second half of the year. From that period, you may be getting a better position at your work, and a more than satisfying money raise. The ones who are running their business will witness fantastic changes. Finally, your job will start to move in a fantastic direction. And all of you who are born in the sign of Gemini, if you get a chance to attend some course, or to do anything else that will improve your working skills, do that in 2022.


Ups and downs when it comes to your health state during the biggest part of the year. The planets are advising you to pay some attention to yourself and your health state instead of spending time gossiping and talking about other people. Gossiping will bring you negative energy and you don't need that. At the beginning of the year your health will be good, but, as time passes you may be experiencing some health problems. That is why you need to work out, spend more time in nature, and hydrate. Be careful when it comes to your nutrition because if you continue eating unhealthy food, you will have serious problems with your digestive system. The ones who already have some chronic health issue should be extra careful.


The year 2022 won't be such an easy year for your family, but this year will show you that your family is the most important thing for you. The members of your family will support you in every action that you take and they will help you to achieve everything that you wish for. This year will be a year full of support from your family members. And also, it is predicted that the main characteristics of the family aspect of your life will be peace, harmony, and understanding. Healthy relations in your family during the whole year.

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