Sagittarius Horoscope 2020


NOV 22 - DEC 21

Sagittarius Profile

Symbol: The Archer
Element: Fire
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Purple
Key Body Part: Hips, Thighs
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Rat
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Cross/Quality: Mutable
House Ruled: Ninth
Opposite Sign: Gemini
Lucky Gem: Topaz

Energetic and inquisitive, the Sagittarius is often commonly referred to as the traveler of the zodiac. The Sagittarius-natives often have a broad-minded, philosophical approach to life that motivates them to wander far and wide while looking for the true meaning of life. Sagittarians are often optimistic, enthusiastic and extroverted; it can be very challenging to keep them down. They love change. In fact, change is essential for this sign to feel their best.

Celebrity Archers: Agnes Moorehead, Katie Holmes, Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, Donny Osmond, Billy Idol, Jim Morrison, Kim Basinger, Samuel L. Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Tyra Banks, Goldie Hawn, Val Kilmer, Anna Nicole Smith, Bette Midler, John F Kennedy Jr., Ben Stiller, Howie Mandel, Nicollette Sheridan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Amy Lee, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Ron White, Terri Hatcher, Tom Wilkenson, Tommy Lee, Felicity Huffman, Brendon Fraser, Starcana, Billy Hufsey, Nostradamus, Ozzie Osborne, Isaiah Washington, Sam Kinison, Joe Nichols.

Best compatible with: Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Libra

Sagittarius Traits

intellectual, communicative, strong headed, honest, fun-loving, determined


irresponsible, restless, careless, flirty, selfish, dominant


danger speed, animals, traveling


being pushed around, deception, responsibility, being insulted


Yearly Horoscope 2020

Sagittarius will no longer hibernate. This is the time when Sagittarius will want to materialize their dreams and desires that have been delayed so far. In particular, willpower and determination will be the main attributes of Sagittarius in 2020. In all social circles, Sagittarius will be recognized as a person of particular importance. In addition, business opportunities will be increasing and significant, so Sagittarius can expect major changes in the business plan. If you are considering a job change, this is the ideal period, especially for those who are in a business that is legal or for those with a high level of creativity. However, there may be difficulties along the way, so those seeking change will only have the opportunity at the end of the year.

Love - Romantic

There are new waves of love that will enter the life of Sagittarius. Any moment spent with a partner will be of utmost importance to both Sagittarius and his partner. Many Sagittarius will consider taking the link to a higher level, so 2020 will be significant for those members of this sign who are considering an engagement or marriage. For those who are already married, 2020 brings many moments in common with a partner that will be invaluable to a common future. As time goes by, you will become more aware of your and your partner's emotions and develop an adequate response to them.
The positive mood that characterizes this period and the help of Saturn for radical change can bring free Sagittarius a new love that will last a lifetime. The beginning of the year will bring new meetings and acquaintances to those meetings, but only towards the end of the year can you expect some more serious familiarity with the positive outcome. Your love and commitment will win you over wherever you are.

Finance - Money

Although 2020 is predicted to be a very favorable period for the Sagittarius finance, great caution is advised as members of this sign can easily relax and spend much more than they earned. The planets will be on your side and will help you make significant profits, but you must first get rid of your old debts. The first half of the year is an ideal time to wipe out old debts, while in the second year your hard work will come to the fore and the financial situation will improve significantly. The very end of the year is a very opportune time for financial growth.

Career - Work

2020 is a very auspicious year for Sagittarius' career development. This year brings challenges, changes, and successes for the members of this sign. The first half of the year refers to success that can be achieved in the form of partnerships, while the second half of the year is reserved for self-employment and success only through work. At the end of the year, all the hard work and diligence will finally pay off. Sagittarius who are thinking of starting their businesses may finally dare to take this step because this is an extremely favorable period for this.


Health will be a Sagittarius priority this year. The need for business success and investing more energy in this field can bring Sagittarius significant health problems, which can especially affect the liver or digestive organs. Sagittarius will behave a little irresponsible to themselves and their health, and this is the year when one must especially stick to a planned diet and exercise plan not only to stay fit but to maintain and achieve good health in general.


Significant changes are happening in your home in 2020. This is the year when you will be as devoted to your family as never before. Some Sagittarius may go back in time to correct the impression of some of the unpleasant experiences that have happened to him. As you make important decisions, try to put those decisions aside and not let them affect your family life. What most horoscopes lack and what Sagittarius will clearly have this year is a lot of support from the family. Although this period is significant for both you and your family life, try not to relax too much and use that support in the right way.

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