Aries Horoscope 2020


MAR 21 - APR 19

Aries Profile

Symbol: The Ram
Element: Fire
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Red
Key Body Part: Head
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Dragon
Ruling Planet: Mars
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
House Ruled: First
Opposite Sign: Libra
Lucky Gem: Diamond

Aries is regarded as the first Zodiac sign and its presence always shows the start of something boisterous and energetic. Not much holds this sign back. They're eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. If you are looking for someone to get the ball rolling, an Aries is the perfect choice. They are great pioneers and they can pioneer everything from work-related projects to parties with friends, these folks go for the gusto.

Celebrity Rams: Roy Clark, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Hefner, Kevin Federline, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mariah Carey, Marcia Cross, Joan Crawford, T.R. Knight, Selena, Vanessa Williams, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jennifer Garner, Star Jones, Rosie O'Donnell, Spike Lee, Eric Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Steven Tyler, David Letterman, Hugh Hefner, Shannon Doherty, Lucy Lawless.

Best compatible with: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini

Aries Traits

brave, highly energetic, enthusiastic, determined, generous, confident, optimistic


dominating, impatient, selfish, impulsive, self-centered


being first, taking action, challenges, freedom to explore


being disappointed, having a boss, being ignored, waiting


Yearly Horoscope 2020

This is a very favorable year for the sign of Aries as they will start a new cycle. In front of them are some major decisions that will change their curse of life path. A fully peaceful period is predicted by the starts for Aries folks this year. The previous period was full of pain but it is going to end soon. You have a strong need for freedom but you need to keep good connections with people around you. This is a time to fight on both fields personal and professional, so you will need to develop a high sense of independence.

Love - Romantic

After a turbulent period full of drastic periods and changes, you now expect a much more stable period marked by peace and stability. Presently you are going to meet your partner's needs and desires and be a better person in a relationship. Make sure that you are responding to them so the partner doesn't have anything to worry about. For better love life, you need to learn to forget and to forgive which is more important. People who are not in a relationship are going to meet someone special this year. Mars is in a very favorable aspect so a lot of relationships can be changed in friendships and vice versa.

Finance - Money

You will be lucky enough in this period, so the financial situation is changing for the better this year. The planetary aspects in 2020 would bless you with little luck and fortune. You can expect a huge income these days. This income is going to happen around the middle of the year, so you can use it wisely and you can invest in long-term projects. Maybe you want to channel your money for some charity and social purposes too, so you will feel much better. For those who are not interested in helping others, it is highly advised to invest in some personal business.

Career - Work

There may be a change ahead of you, whether it is in a love field or a business one. Career advancement is also possible in the future. Besides, things are going to get better and the whole period will be reversed positively. Express yourself positively and openly. Make sure you do not conflict with the authorities as this will not lead to a positive outcome. Instead, be tolerant and respect what you are told.


Health is a very changeable aspect this year for Aries. Because of the very relative health condition, it is important to do as much as you can for your health. That includes good habits like a very reasonable diet plan and taking a big part in some recreation activity. Beware of stressful situations that may occur throughout the whole year but especially through the middle of the year. It can be very useful to avoid fatty foods and taking a lot of time outside.


Beware of stressful situations regarding family life. It is important to take your judgemental side under control. You must take care of your emotions and take better control of your behavior through a relationship with your loved ones. Mars, your ruling planet is going to make you impulsive and fierce which will make the situation worse. If you want to save a good family atmosphere you will need to be very diplomatic and careful of what you say and do. Impulsiveness is one of your worst characteristics. Be tolerant enough and avoid situations in which that can be on surface. It is needed to be kind to your loved ones.

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