Aquarius Horoscope 2020


JAN 20 - FEB 18

Aquarius Profile

Symbol: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Turquoise
Key Body Part: Ankles, Circulatory System
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Tiger
Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn
Cross/Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Eleventh
Opposite Sign: Leo
Lucky Gem: Turquoise

Aquarians can be seen in one of two different manners. Occasionally, it is possible for you to find an Aquarian that is quiet and shy. Also, these people can be energetic, boisterous and eccentric. People that fall in one of the two personality types are deep thinkers and they enjoy helping others. These people are very intelligent, this is a display of strong independence that prefers intuition tempered with logic. The two personality types of the Aquarians have the unusual ability to understand both sides of an argument with no prejudice or bias towards one side. This makes them great problem solvers.
Even though they are very much attuned to the energies surrounding them, Aquarians have been known to exhibit a deep need to take time out alone and away to rejuvenate themselves. The main keyword for this zodiac sign is imagination. One of the Aquarian’s most amazing qualities is the ability to see unlimited possibilities when it seems like there is no possibilities.

Celebrity Water Bearers: Alice Cooper, Bobby Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Denise Richards, Jerry Springer, George Romero, George Washington, Kim Jong, Jerome Bettis, Chris Rock, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Tom Selleck, Shakira, Yoko Ono, Justin Timberlake, Burt Reynolds, Lisa Marie Presley, Ashton Kutcher, Sheryl Crow, Chris Farley, Garth Brooks, Farrah Fawcett, Florence Henderson, Vince Neil, Cybil Shephard, Paris Hilton, Joe Pesci, Molly Ringwald, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Linda Blair.

Best compatible with: Gemini, Libra

Aquarius Traits

inventive, original, witty, clever, humanitarian


stubborn, unemotional, aloof, rebellious, sarcastic


friendship, surprises, social activity, keeping a broad outlook, being a realist


intolerance, changing their minds, prejudice, confrontations


Yearly Horoscope 2020

This is a period of action for members of your sign. No rest but prepare for the attack and expect a positive outcome along the way. Much of your dreams, hopes and desires would be achieved. The planets for the year 2020 are placed that they demand immediate action for any small change around. Your unpredictable and careless nature would be brought to the fore this period. Furthermore, all important relationships are also in for a significant revamp. A sense of vagueness is however likely on other fronts. Aquarius are advised to be cautious when struggle sneaks around by way of competitors, opponents, and even potential partners. Be ready to use every advantage that happens.

Love - Romantic

Impulsiveness in the field of love can bring you several significant and some insignificant problems. Generally speaking, this is a year that is conducive to a love life, but you will have several unforeseen circumstances. Your love, enthusiasm, and sentiments would be sort of veiled this year, Aquarius. As you express yourself much more emotionally, you would not be your own self, be cautious. Still, this is a time when you don't have to take much risk, you have to go for safety. What is known and old is better than new uncertainty. Whatever you do, remember to stay true to yourself and your desires.

The planets are in such a position as to bring you new encounters with old loves. Watch out - wounds that have hurt in the past can now open. Beware of both the pain and the suffering. Your emotional health is in your hands all through the year 2020. Your family friends will be a great support to you in 2020. The love situation is much more favorable for those who are alone than for those who have a partner because the free members of this sign are expecting very interesting meetings and new acquaintances.

Finance - Money

You are guaranteed satisfaction with the financial situation, which will separate for the better this year. All the hard work you put into the past year is now coming to light, so you will enjoy the fruits of your effort. This means that your material status will improve a lot. The middle of the year predicts a major business renovate. However, you need to learn to manage your resources and turn the situation to be positive. Your budget has a lot of ups and downs, but you also need to take care of your savings. You will have needs that cannot be met financially. This is the reason for you to develop and manage a good savings plan. High money flow is guaranteed around the end of the year

Career - Work

For Aquarius, there is a lot of change in their professional life. Important changes are on the cards, and you would have the key to make through every dificitlity that comes to your way. The spring of 2020 would bring about relocation or a job switch if you want and you are ready for it Through the year, you would be able to adjust yourself to the modern professional environment. Saturn will help you decide to invest in long-term projects. This is a tough year, but it will bring you some benefits. All members of this sign can expect a favorable business situation if they put in enough effort and effort and dedicate themselves to a career. This year, hard work is well worth it.


You are the only one who is responsible for your health during this period. It is up to you how things will turn out. It can happen that you become too emotional and sensitive to all the external influences and emotionally demanding situations that are happening around you. Don't let negativity preoccupy you. It happens that negative energy becomes a big part of your day, but you try to avoid it. It would be advisable to practice sports or other recreation to raise awareness of the mental and physical. Avoid parties and big gatherings and make sure you don't waste your energy in this way, but refresh your life with healthy habits.


Devote yourself to the well-being of those around, but then make sure that you get your due share of love and warmth as well. Certain blind-spots are likely in this field for the period, tread carefully. Trust in you and your relationships and face life with confidence. Perseverance would pay you well in this area all through the year. Do your best to make your family feel loved and you to fulfill your life and make it richer. Have more confidence in happy outcomes and don't waste your energy in vain. Make sure your little things don't ruin your idyllic family life.

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