Aries Horoscope 2019


MAR 21 - APR 19

Aries Profile

Symbol: The Ram
Element: Fire
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Red
Key Body Part: Head
Chinese Zodiac Counterpart: Dragon
Ruling Planet: Mars
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
House Ruled: First
Opposite Sign: Libra
Lucky Gem: Diamond

Aries is regarded as the first Zodiac sign and its presence always shows the start of something boisterous and energetic. Not much holds this sign back. They're eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. If you are looking for someone to get the ball rolling, an Aries is the perfect choice. They are great pioneers and they can pioneer everything from work-related projects to parties with friends, these folks go for the gusto.

Celebrity Rams: Roy Clark, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Hefner, Kevin Federline, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mariah Carey, Marcia Cross, Joan Crawford, T.R. Knight, Selena, Vanessa Williams, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jennifer Garner, Star Jones, Rosie O'Donnell, Spike Lee, Eric Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Steven Tyler, David Letterman, Hugh Hefner, Shannon Doherty, Lucy Lawless.

Best compatible with: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini

Aries Traits

brave, highly energetic, enthusiastic, determined, generous, confident, optimistic


dominating, impatient, selfish, impulsive, self-centered


being first, taking action, challenges, freedom to explore


being disappointed, having a boss, being ignored, waiting


Yearly Horoscope 2019

Year 2019 is full of power and dynamism for the people born in the Aries period. There could be opportunities Involved in every area. In this year, you will be filled with many innovation and innovative ideas that try to take shape. Closing your ideals and goals in life will seem much more possible to you. In this time frame, you should let your take wings and fly into fresh territory. Year 2019 will bring fewer constraints on your life be it personal or professional. The planets are aligned to help you get to lofty heights in 2019. In this year, there might be more seriousness connected to all your dealings. Proceed and rock the planet. It is your point to behold. The planet Mars is your ruling planet and it will give you the necessary power and energy to stem the wave of anxieties that you might encounter in this year. By transiting Pluto in your sign with this yearTransiting Pluto in your sign with this year will make you a little sentimental and psychological which is much against your own nature.

Love - Romantic

During year 2019 your love life and relationships are in their very best. You would be able to realize your partner/spouse at a fresh light. The Saturn-Jupiter trine in this period shall be able to encourage your romantic requirements for this period.

Occasionally you are most likely to believe that your partner isn't that much committed for you. But extreme efforts from your side will do miracles. Make sure that you are not restraining your partner within this moment. Be creative on your expressions of feelings and be bold enough to sustain yourself. Take some time off from work to spend quality time with your partner/ spouse. Keep your emotions under control and also create new moves which would surprise your partner.

Finance - Money

In this year your financials will be excellent due to the good planetary placements. The Jupiter-Saturn trine provides much power to your financial deals for your year 2019. There might not be any major concerns like losses or loans, hence you can proceed planning your savings and investment plans. However, there are some cost related to family and friends. Ensure that you save some for your rainy days ahead. Your financial year seems to be in favorable direction all year round.

Career - Work

In the Year 2019, you will have many changes and modifications on your career area, be it business or services. You should expect changes then and there. However, the Jupiter - Saturn trine will aid the stabilization and consolidation your position in this year. This time frame requires more dedication on your part at the career area for better results. You will need to handle relationships with authorities and peers with care. Even though you want to keep moving, there might be much reciprocation from the other side. This period is considered a bad time to change over to a brand new career route if you think that you are on the wrong path. Sow your seeds and prepare for a bounty crop at the end of the year.


During the first half of the year 2019, your Health might be far from great. You will not have much vitality and your overall health will be affected by depression and fatigue. However, toward the middle of the year, things will start to brighten up in your health front. Your mental health would be at its best then. Be careful about your diet and workout programs. Do not bite more than what you could chew. This is a great time to start indulging in a great game of your interest. Your energy will be put to great use afterward.

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